Monday, June 16, 2014

Granada, you know you will miss us!

Here I am again playing more catch up. I for some reason can't stop taking pictures and am beginning to see that "catch up" is my life motto these days. Going back to April once more brings us to our trip to Granada. As I was going through the pictures I took I found myself loving that I have a camera and dying laughing from the memories. I apologize in advance if my memories don't seem as fun to anyone else but me! Humor me and laugh just because it feels really good to have a good laugh now and then. 

WARNING: This is a REALLY long post! 

Architecture! The buildings in this country are incredible! The detail and intricacies are mind boggling. Each building is an artistic masterpiece. The more you look the more you see and find yourself standing in awe. I am so that person that is hopelessly trying to not be a total tourist while carrying a 9 month old in a wrap doing contortions trying to get images of these buildings. I can only imagine what people think of me! Look at them, though! They are truly spectacular!  

We went to Granada with the infamous Slouffmans. Poor dears having to put up with us again! You would think they learned that Bundys = chaos. We sure had a blast, though. Our kids get along great usually, and we really do enjoy their company. 

We went to Granada over Easter weekend. There are a lot of things that I associate with Easter, most obviously the resurrection which gives us hope, but now living in Spain I have one more, wax. I would never have thought of it! Seriously though, candle wax. It is such a big deal that the Naval base sent out a warning letter to remind us to be careful when driving because of the wax, and there are even special signs up to warn drivers. (Insert image of tall blonde that can hardly walk here. Now add slippery cobblestone that is worn from years of wear, make that cobblestone slope at a ridiculous angle, and now add the candle wax. Oh my goodness!!! you can continue reading.)

We, well at least us girls, loved getting to walk through the markets looking for treasures. There wasn't a whole lot of time for perusing since most of our time was spent keeping the kids from grabbing everything within sight and trying not to completely block the narrow passage ways with our strollers (and might I add trying to keep the husbands happy by not taking too long). The kids sure did have fun, though, peeking around corners playing hide and go seek.  

Here we were in beautiful Granada with 5 kids and two umbrella strollers. What were we thinking! We were given a map and saw that one of the attractions was an old wall. We love seeing the history and decided that would be our activity for the day. Our map showed us the wall but failed us on two parts. First, it should have included elevation. Bless David and JR because once again they pushed those strollers up hill for far too long. I honestly don't know how we didn't decide to turn back or how the umbrella strollers made it up to the top in one piece. These pictures really don't give the slop of the streets justice (in my defense, I was trying to get low but had poor little Cai in the wrap and that sweet little boy finds himself in far too many awkward positions while his mom takes pictures). 

You can see just how thrilled everyone was. the face! 

We finally make it to the top after going through more back streets and allies that we probably could have done without! However, what the map also failed to tell us was that even though we made it to the top you don't get to see the old wall. Seriously! If it weren't for the nice man randomly sitting in an alley (that sounds so sketchy) we would still be trying to find it. Apparently they built another wall in front of it! 

"Yes, Eli. We don't get to see the old wall...just this newer wall that is now covered with graffiti and is falling apart that was built in front of the old." I had so much fun! You should have heard us walking through the maze of streets dying laughing as we came to dead ends and alleyways that never seemed to end. I would do it all over again! And lets be honest, the view at the top was worth the walk. 

Yes, we did celebrate once we made it to the bottom. I was just thankful that I didn't slip and fall on the way down! (Or get hit by the drivers that some how can change gears while going up such a steep slope and narrow streets.) 

Being that it was Holy Week there were many processions. We made it down the "mountain" in time to see one. My favorite part was when the kids ran out into the street after the procession had passed to dance to the music. They have some serious moves! 

Once the procession and dancing finished it was time to head back. Haha! Heading back...that because a feat. You see, most of the city had been blocked off and of course the one street we needed to cross to get to our bus stop was barricaded. Bring on the sketchy alleyways!!! We finally found an alternate route, but we made sure to stay in a single file line. (It really wasn't that bad and I actually love how the picture of everyone walking single file turned out.) 

We found ourselves in a plaza where the kids became mesmerized by a street performer (seen in the image below, actually, in the crazy blue Hawaiian shirt) who did a pretty spectacular job with his clown act. Of course we had to finish the day with ice cream. 

Day 2. We took our time getting out the door and made our first stop lunch. I seriously love all the faces in this picture. Annie, you never fail to give me a great face! Jack, "Seriously, Tia Kristi! Another picture!" Emma, I think she is going to throw something at me. And of course, my boys...they never look at the camera. 

Our adventure for day 2 was up to the look out. We probably could have walked back up the slippery slopes to the look out, but decided to wise up and take the bus up instead. SO MUCH EASIER!!! David and Eli made sure to get their wiggles out before the bus ride. I cannot get enough of these two. It brings me so much joy to see them playing together. 

The look out was gorgeous! Looking out over to the Alhambra was breath taking even with the cloudy skies. I am sure that I should know more about the Alhambra from history classes and all, but if you are like me and need a refresher, it was the last Moorish stronghold in Europe and actually was taken over by Ferdinand and Isabella the same year that Christopher Columbus discovered the Americas (thank you Encyclopedia David. Love that my husband is a walking wealth of knowledge! Although, it makes me get lazy with my facts because I depend on him so much now!) 

One picture boys! Just one! Yeah...apparently not going to happen! 

Cai and I finally making an appearance! We do go on these trips, too. 

I was looking through the images from this trip and another commonality I found was that JR, Alicia, David and I were taken in by the history, the architecture, the incredible opportunity to be in Granada. I would have taken picture of a building and then turn around and find myself taking a picture of e playing in the dirt. The picture below is a perfect example. There the adults are taking in the view and e finds a chain to play on. I love that he can find joy and excitement in the simple things of life. He is a continual reminder to me to take in the moments even when they are simple ones because sometimes those are the very best.

Day 2 was way less hectic than day 1, but still came with plenty of moments like the one below. David and JR pouring over the map, Alicia with her camera, Jack sleeping soundly in the double jogger (we got smarter! Only one umbrella stroller.) Annie taking care of the baby, Emma being Emma, and Eli...well...he was always running off. I'm pretty sure the next words out of David's mouth would be, "Eli, get back here!"

Our last Day in Granada was spent getting to take a tour through the Alhambra. For those of you who have made it this far in this crazy long post... BLESS YOU! I know that this one is a little long winded, but I need to write down our memories somewhere so here they are. 

Getting to the Alhambra was a bit of a trick. The skies were cloudy and promised nothing but rain. We gathered up the troops, strollers, and our bags of diapers, snacks, water, jackets,etc. and walked as quickly as we could to the bottom of the hill (thank you JR for running to catch the bus) where the bus was waiting for us. We awkwardly unpack our things as this particular bus was not capable of holding a filled stroller like the others had been. All of us looked ridiculous as we had kids thrown over shoulders or under arms while juggling all our STUFF as quickly as possible trying to avoid eye contact with the already full bus of tourist who were I am sure thinking, "Oh boy! Are they really coming with us?!!!"
We get to the Alhambra and JR runs in to pay for our tickets (they were already quoted for us) but come to find out that we were going to be charging us an arm and a leg instead. He runs out to grab the phone that has the price quoted and runs back to the ticket counter while the rest of us stand there with our strollers and crazy kids running around in circles still trying to avoid contact with the tour guides who keep asking us if we are ready. Finally everything gets sorted out (THANK YOU JR for taking care of all the details!!! You are the BEST!!!) and we tell the tour guide we are ready to go. The tour guide then passes by me and says, "Strollers aren't allowed." REALLY!!!! REALLY!!!! We loaded them onto a bus, unloaded them, have been standing waiting for quite a while and only now someone told us that we couldn't take our loaded to the max strollers. Haha!!! All you can do is laugh. But, I did want to shout "SERIOUSLY!" Everything ended up working out great. They had a locker area that we could check the strollers into and the kids did amazingly well considering they couldn't climb, walk, or step on most of what they saw.  

The Alhambra truly is a breath taking place to visit. Pictures bring no justice to the incredible artistry that each of these buildings was made with. When you are looking at the pictures below you will just have to squint and use your imagination to come close to how magnificent it is.  

There have been several many times that we have wondered what our experience would have been like if we had been given orders to Spain before kids. Don't misunderstand me. We LOVE our boys!!! And, we would not trade them for the world. When I can capture them in their little moments on our adventures it reminds me of how much I love getting to be a part of their little world and would not have it any other way.  

I will end this novel with one last picture. If I had to give it a caption it would be this, " mom really did put me in time out at the Alhambra. Worse yet, she thought I looked cute while IN timeout so she took a picture! I think she put me in timeout just so she COULD take a picture of me."

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Our Spain Adventures

It's time that I start writing and posting about our adventures here in Spain. Everyday brings it's own adventure and maybe someday I will get my act together enough to write about those, but for now I will stick to the bigger trips and events. Since moving to Spain we have met several many amazing families. They will most likely make frequent appearance on the blog since we tend to do a lot of things together. This particular adventure features the Slouffmans! (JR, Alicia, Annie, Jack and Emma) 

Back in April...(how on earth is it already June!!!) we decided that driving over to Gibraltar (yes...I just said driving over) would be a fun day trip (yup...I just said day trip...I still can't believe it that I am actually living here!). We go through the entire circus act of getting two families ready and finally hit the road. An hour and a half later we find a place to park our cars, get the strollers ready and are about to head to the border crossing. The dads pull out the passports so that we can get through smoothly when David gives me the look. My heart sinks as I immediately realize I had pulled out David's passport when I enrolled Eli in school and failed to put it back in the pouch. We had David's official passport but not his tourist one and you don't go on leisure trips on an official passport. I start crying and feel so horrible that now our second attempt at Gibraltar has failed. Bless the Slouffman family a hundred and fifty times over. I don't think they quite knew what they were getting into when they became our friends! We Bundys sure do like to make life interesting! 

We told them to go ahead and please not stay behind just for us, but we found ourselves letting the kids play at the epic rope park and everyone was having a blast. The weather started to turn overcast and a little chilly (we are whimps here) and we decided to get back on the road and stop at a little town that we had passed. 

There are so many amazing little cities tucked away in the mountains. They are all so beautiful and we really need to start making our way through more of them. This adventure took us to Medina Sidonia. Like most of these cities there is a lot of white (love!), a castle (so much fun), and lots and lots of steep streets (Sorry David and two are definitely the designated stroller pushers!). Don't be fooled by all the pictures of E sitting or laying down. He was still full of his normal energy. Cai...he was the one that was passed out (Annie and Jack were, too, for most of my picture taking) or in the wrap all day long. I don't want Cai to grow up too fast, but am loving that he is out and about more than before. Need to get some more pictures of that little one! 

I just had to put in this last picture. Alicia is such a good sport! The wind blew her delicious fresh churros right out of her hand all over the street. Instead of being frustrated and mad like I would have been, she bends over to pick them up while dying of laughter and telling me to take a picture! 

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

They keep me on my toes

So many things to catch up on, but I will leave that for another day. These boys never fail to find a way to wear me out and crack me up. Everyday they bring me a new challenge and surprise me with their imaginations. From climbing trees up way too high for my liking to finding the dirt anywhere possible. Oh these boys...LOVE THEM! 

Warning: lots of picture on this post. 

Aren't they just the sweetest! (Wait for it...)

Our little turkey sporting his now 5 teeth. 

Always investigating

 You will never guess who was doing the splashing. 

You don't even want to know

If you can't find me, I'm upstairs giving this one a bath

Here he comes and there he goes! 

 The couch it is...bed hogs!

 Shame on you mom for thinking this was a washing machine. Obviously it is a drum! 

 Welcome to our dinner table 

This kid loves critters. Taking after his Uncle Awesome. 

I love that this is starting to happen more often. He finally will fall asleep with someone else. 

Practicing the big brother point and laugh pose

There's the dirt

I never get sick of seeing them play NICELY together

I know...mean mom taking pictures instead of picking him up...

No explanation needed...