Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Our little monster

During the last couple weeks I have been trying to soak up every moment of our time here in Spain, but this week I find myself pouring myself into my boys. I try to do this everyday, but this week I am being reminded continually of just how much I love my family. On Friday e is will be going in for oral surgery (the enamel didn't form correctly on several many of his molars and they are in great need of intervention). 

That word... "surgery." I just don't like that word. The emotion and fear that it brings me can be overwhelming and knock the air right out of me. I know I am a nurse and I know that he needs this, but I am still his mommy and he is still my little boy. I have found myself praying continually and reminding myself that God loves him even more than I do (that thought is mind boggling). I have to remind myself of Philippians, not be anxious over and over. And, I am trying to be still and remember that God is God (Ps. 46:10...really should have this verse tattooed on my forehead and maybe then it will sink in). 

I find myself acting as though Friday is my last day with e, and although I know that is not true, it has been a motivator to live my life to the fullest. To cut out those "things" that really don't matter. To live each day as though there it no tomorrow and to throw my life and all my worries at God's feet. It amazes me how God has revealed himself to me in a whole new way through my boys. So grateful to be a part of their lives. 

If you think of it, say a prayer for us on Friday, and in the mean time, go hug your little monsters (and the big ones, too). 

Monday, March 3, 2014

Carnaval done Spanish Style

We live in Europe. That statement seriously is so overwhelming to me. Some may think I am crazy because come on, we are in Spain! But, when most nights I am trying as hard as I can to get 2 straight hours of sleep, leaving our house with two kiddos to explore our vast backyard is a little overwhelming. Thankfully we have adventurous friends who we love to hang out with that pull us out of the house. (Just so we don't look like that big of a lame sauce...most things are word of mouth or just known around here. It isn't quite like being in the good old USA where you google it and find the answer. Somethings just don't run by the internet.) 

This past Sunday we took a little trip on over to the neighboring city to experience Carnaval Rota style. It was so much fun to see how everyone in this little city was celebrating in some way. And, the costumes were hysterical. We did a lot a walking, laughing, and having fun. I failed to get pictures of us stuffing our faces with delicious breaded shark fillets, but I did remember to get the ice cream shots. Priorities, right! 

Settling in...

I have always loved the adventure of moving. For some reason packing, cleaning, organizing, and all of that fun that comes with moving has always appealed to me. There is nothing quite as fun as finding the perfect spot for your things and having a clean house. I will admit, though, that doing the whole moving thing with two little ones is not quite as easy. I was trying to clean the bathroom the other day (one bathroom, not the whole house, just one tiny little room) and you would have thought I was sticking bamboo shoots underneath their finger nails! The world was seriously about to end over here people! Haha! I managed to get the bathroom clean, but thinking it will be awhile before I do cleaning again, no...I think I might just go and buy some ear plugs...haha!

The boxes are finally all emptied (Yay!!!) and now for the decorating part. I am anxious and excited to get pictures up on the wall and find treasures from our outings to put in our home. I think the boys are starting to feel like this house is home, but it could use a little more loving on. Even though there is a lot to do, one of my favorite things about the house is that I can sit in the living room and watch the boys as they play in the other room. E loves his spot and it blesses my heart to see him so happy here.

E is also loving the yard! David bought him a tricycle and he was pedaling everywhere on his own by the second day he had it. He is hysterical. I just love some of the things he comes up with these days. The other day he walks into our room and sees that I am wearing a skirt. In the most excited voice he says, "Mommy! You are a princess!!!" Oh, sweet boy, you just melted my heart!

Cai is still growing like a weed! He is sporting those two little bottom teeth and enjoying the fact that he can now sit up. He has one of the worst cases of mamitis that we have ever seen. He is happiest when I am wearing him in the wrap or when I am holding him. Apparently going to the bathroom or getting up to get a glass of water is not allowed, unless of course he can come as well...sorry little man. I promise I will be right back!!! It is a good thing he is cute. I just keep reminding myself that someday he will either not want to sit in my lap or be too big so enjoy it while it lasts.