Friday, February 7, 2014

Spain...our new home!

I have started this post about a hundred times in my head. I just can't figure out where to start. Do I start with how we are doing, what we like best, updates on life over here, the differences in culture, some of the places we have gone to and seen already? SO MUCH TO SAY!!! I am starting to realize that there is just too much to cover all at once, so I am going to have to be better at writing little posts and updates along the way. This will be our intro post (3 weeks over due!). 

We arrived in beautiful Spain on the 15th of January and have been staying on base at the Navy Lodge since. Some would consider us crazy living in a hotel room with two little ones, but it actually has worked wonderfully for us and I am beyond thankful that we at least have a kitchenette in the room. (I apologize that we haven't been able to connect with everyone, the internet is hit and miss, but we are trying).

Our first three weeks have been filled with meeting friends (thank you to each of you for being so welcoming and a blessing to us), eating amazing food, adjusting to the time zone, filling out paperwork (very thankful to the way the base runs things and helps out with this process. I have seen how long paperwork can take first hand having seen my parents do it many times when we lived overseas and the navy has us spoiled!), orientation, David running around like a mad man trying to get all our ducks in a row (thank you babe for everything you do for us!), David trying to figure out his job, food poisoning, two sick kiddos, and house hunting. 

Our transition to Spain has been wonderful. Of course there are ups and downs like any big change in life. The best way that I can describe it would be like having a baby. There is all the anticipation, excitement, anxiety, so on and so forth about what is to come. Delivery, unfairly compared to traveling in this case since the flight was very smooth, can be rough. And then, there is postpartum, transition time. At first the adrenaline keeps you going. Excitement and adventure around every corner. So much to enjoy, to take in, to remember, to experience. You think you got this new life in the bag until days 10-14 hit. Now, if you have talked to me lately about my day 10-14 theory you know what I mean. For the rest of you, day 10-14 are the "oh boy, I am really not doing as good as I thought I was" days. During postpartum it is the time that at least I am mostly likely to come down with all the fun stuff, and during our transition to Spain it was about the time that I got food poisoning and the boys got sick. The good news is that I have an amazing husband that took care of all of us and God answered all your prayers. Despite the sickness we were still able to continue getting all the details figured out for our lives here and the best news of all we have a HOUSE! 

Our house...we are so excited about our new home. It is an old old Spanish house in a beautiful neighborhood with a huge yard. I don't have pictures to show yet, but will soon. Lord willing we will move in this coming Monday and will be able to start getting settled. I cannot wait for e to enjoy our yard. I have been praying for the day that I could throw my hair up, put on my yoga pants, be far from ready for the day, open up the door and let e run out to play to his hearts content and my prayers have finally been answered. Pretty sure that little man is going to live outside! 

There are so many other things I could share, but for now I will leave you with some pictures (sorry if you have seen some of them already). Thank you for all your prayers, each one of them is being felt. We could not do this move without all the love and support we get from each and everyone of you! 

( is that green is enchanting to walk through the green areas)