Sunday, January 12, 2014

...this moving to Spain's starting to feel real...

It would seem that tonight is a pretty normal Sunday night. The boys are finally both asleep (any bets on how long that will last?...haha!), David and I are settled down for the night, the TV is on (sadly no football tonight), and like always I'm looking at pictures. But, it's not so normal after all. It's our last Sunday in Norfolk. Instead of being at home we are in a hotel thankful for a couch to sit on, loving that there is a TV to watch (I know...such a first world problem), and excited to sleep on a bed that doesn't inflate (ps...thank you thank you thank you to all of you that have let us borrow your blow up mattresses! But, I think you know what I mean about being excited for a real bed!). The last several many months have felt like transition for our little family.Waiting for orders was testing, getting orders was a whirlwind, and the last month we have been living with no household goods (thank you mom and dad for letting us crash so long with you in Minnesota!!!). I will be honest, I have loved the simplicity of our life the last month. Not having a bunch of stuff to worry about cleaning was great, and e loved having a whole house to run around in and getting to kick the ball inside as hard as he wanted without getting scolded! We made the best of our time with forts, pillow fights, family meals around diaper boxes, and more...but now this move is really starting to sink in. 

David has actually asked me if I was scared to move to Spain. I would be lying if I said I wasn't a little nervous, but mostly I have had so much going on here that I felt I couldn't think about Spain yet. I have had a list of projects, so many people we have wanted to see (we know there are so many people we didn't get to say goodbye to in person and we are so sorry!), been trying to keep life in a "normal" rhythm for the boys...everything is now wrapping up and I keep thinking, "We are only going to be here for two more nights...BREATHE!!!" The projects are done, we have been able to spend wonderful moments with incredible friends (again, I am so sorry we didn't get to see all of you and I didn't have my camera everywhere so not everyone is pictured below), and now that the goodbyes have been said I know it is time to move on.

We have said goodbye to so many people and places in my life. I mean seriously, we are missionary kids and now in the Navy. Why is this move feeling like I am being pulled away and every part of my body is trying to hold on? I want to go to Spain. We know that we are supposed to go to Spain. We have seen how God has been preparing the way for us. But, I am still holding on.

Every time I moved as a little girl I felt like I was home. Some how my parents were able to make every single move an adventure and every place we lived felt like home. I remember asking my mom once after I became a mom if she felt like those places were home...I never got an answer. I think I am starting to understand what that silence meant and that is why I am nervous about our move. I want our place in Spain to feel like home, and frankly, I want to feel like I am home, too. E has already been asking us to "go home." We know that the boys are feeling the transition, which is completely normal, and we are trying to pray our way through this move (all prayers are appreciated!!!). I look up at the pictures above and I am reminded of the relationships we have made here. Not just David and I, but our little ones. So many great memories and so many friends that are now considered family that we will miss (insert tears streaming down the face here). 

I think back to when we first got our orders to Norfolk. We knew God was in control, but it was pretty close to our last pick. Looking back there is no way we could number the amount of blessings He has given us here. We are very excited for this next chapter, but with teary eyes we say goodbye. And Spain, here is your warning...we are coming your way. We are loud, we are crazy, and you aren't going to be able to get rid of us! 

Friday, January 10, 2014

Some of my favorite moments

I am quickly realizing that we will be headed to Spain before I know it. We have several many things going on, but I wanted to pause and post pictures of some of my favorite moments while we were back in Minnesota. From the early morning dishwasher emptying routine, to reading with daddy (he is teaching them young), to the coloring and forts, and can't forget the hugs, kisses and cuddles...but, I think the pictures can speak for themselves...

Saturday, January 4, 2014

In honor of the deep freeze...

We are back in Norfolk and as I look through the pictures of our time in Minnesota I wish that I was back there in so many ways! EXCEPT for the cold! And boy oh boy did we get out just in time. (All of you still there...STAY INSIDE!!!) But seriously, we had an absolute blast! As you can see e couldn't get enough of the snow. Every time the dogs went outside for their potty break e would be right there wanting to put on his coat and boots, begging whoever was taking the dogs out to take him, too, no matter how cold it was. He always wanted to go sledding and was willing to go outside even it if meant he would be put to work. You will probably also notice that most of the pictures are taken from the same vantage point...that would be because unlike e I did not leave the house except for when I would run out bundled from head to toe to take pictures. Yes, I know, I am a whimp! 

There will be several many posts coming with plenty more have been warned!