Sunday, August 11, 2013

A glimpse into my real world

I call it..."Watch out! Thoughts of the sleepless pregnant lady!" 

It’s almost midnight, and instead of being in bed trying to sleep (where I really should be!) I am sitting here writing this. I figured my mind is in one of those loops where I start thinking about something and it keeps going keeping me up anyway, so I might as well write, right?
I just took one of my frequent walks from bed (I was there once tonight) to the bathroom (surprise surprise) and on the way passed the pack-and-play that is set up in our room waiting for the arrival of our little man. As I walked by I looked over into it. It’s empty, but not for long. The thought that crossed my mind, “Am I ready for this? Girl! You don’t have a choice! But, two little boys in the house? You are going to have to figure it out! Do you remember how to do this?” As I walked back to bed (second attempt at falling asleep) and looked back into the pack-and-play I felt my belly and realized that I am actually a wife and a mom. Yes, I know, silly me. But, tell me honestly, how many of you have had that moment where you stop in your tracks and realize that you aren’t playing house, that you aren’t in high school dreaming about the future (really hard sometimes since I am married to my high school sweet heart…man I am getting old!), that you are actually a wife and a mom? It is a sobering thought and one that catches me by surprise continually. I was actually walking down the street the other day when I saw a mom with her little boy and thought to myself, “How sweet is that? Oh, to be a mom one day!” Wait!!! That two year old that is running away from you down the street is yours! (And you better hurry up and catch him!!!)

I have felt this little boy moving inside of me for months now and still cannot fully grasp the idea that he will be here before we know it. The sweet little cries of a newborn will fill our home. The smell of my perfume will change to spit-up and milk. I’ll have the never ending mark of drool on my shoulder, and the constant look of “what am I doing?” on my face. You know what? I can’t wait! Do I still feel like I am in a dream? Yes! But, am I excited? Beyond! Do I feel a little overwhelmed that there will be two little ones in the house this time? OH YES! 

I am really trying to not be anxious about having our baby (bring on the prayers and hypnobaby!). I’ll be honest, I don’t like going through pain. But, more than that, I’m trying to control my anxiety and truly give it to the Lord. I know that my anxiety doesn’t stop once little man is in my arms. That is the exact moment that the anxiety could potentially go through the roof. He might be my second, but I know I will be that mom that checks on him 502 times a night. I have to remind myself that all of my boys (David included) are gifts to me. Gifts that I get to enjoy, nurture, and love on, but they aren’t mine. They are gifts on loan that truly belong to God. 

I am going to attempt sleeping for the third time tonight. Haha! My husband is sound asleep, bubba the first is curled up safe and sound in his bed, and bubba the second is making sure I feel loved by his frequent wiggles. I am so blessed! I love my boys!!! 

Maternity Pictures!!!

A couple weeks ago one of my best friends, Val, from Valerie Lynn Photography,  was kind enough to put up with our crazy little family and take maternity pictures for us. After a very eventful afternoon (I will spare the details...but it involved a missing car and begging a ride from Val, who thankfully has a car seat) we made it to our session. She did an amazing job capturing us! Yes, the pictures were mainly for the belly, but she did a wonderful job getting all of us! There are so many images, here are a couple of my absolute favorites! 

Sunday, August 4, 2013

My perfect reminder

Today was one of those days that you wish could have gone on forever. The type of feeling that you have when you are on the perfect vacation and never want it to end. We went for a walk (a common occurrence for our little family) and just had to stop and play out on the big lawn by the water. I am sure you have noticed from previous pictures and accounts, but e LOVES to run! I think I mentioned that in my last post, but it is so true! We found out that mommy doesn't know how to run correctly. Apparently daddy knows all the cool tricks and to be honest I am perfectly fine with sitting out in the sun watching these two run for what to David feels like is forever and to e is not nearly long enough. The weather was gorgeous, the water sparkling, the perfect breeze coming off the water, dragonflies everywhere, Starbucks in hand, two happy boys, and a very active baby. What more could I ask for? I even got to lay with e for a couple minutes on the lawn and watch the clouds!

I hate to admit that I feel like there are a lot of unknowns in our life right now. If we were to pull out lists and compare them to our friends our list is very short! But, I have been feeling a little overwhelmed by the unknown of where we will be moving, when we will find out where we are moving to, and when this little man is going to come. Thankfully I am still feeling great and loving being pregnant, but I am getting more and more excited everyday to hold this little one! Getting to sit outside and watch David and e run around and around and around was the perfect reminder I needed of how great of a God we serve. He knows every detail and I often lose sight of that. Not only does He know every detail, but He cares about them and understands our emotions. There is something so soothing to me about being in the middle of God's beautiful creation and today was my perfect reminder from Him that life gets crazy, but He is always in control and right by our side.

For I am the Lord your God 
who takes hold of your right hand
and says to you, Do not fear;
I will help you.
- Isaiah 41:13

Saturday, August 3, 2013

The Perfect Evening and a Gorgeous Family

A couple weeks ago I had the honor of photographing this beautiful family! What an absolute joy to spend an afternoon with them! Every year they have their pictures taken (a GREAT family tradition) and this year I was lucky enough to be the one they asked to do the photography. I met Kelly in church when we first moved here to Virginia and am so thankful that I was actually present this year to be able to take pictures (was in MN during David's deployment last year).  It was so fun to see them interact together and with the camera, to be serious and then completely crazy and just having a blast! As much as I love photographing little ones, it was pretty awesome to have victims (yes...victims) that would stand there and not go running off! So thankful that the rain held out on us because I had a ton of fun! Hope you enjoy the images!