Monday, May 13, 2013

He is here! Meet handsome baby Jack!

So here is the deal...if you don't like babies and don't want to see TONS of pictures of an incredibly sweet, adorable, handsome, simply squeezable little boy I highly suggest you close this link now. There were just so many pictures of this little man that I love! 

Meet Jack! He was born to an amazing couple, Becky and Russ, who I had the privileged of  meeting a couple months ago when I took their maternity pictures. I was tickled pink when they asked me to take newborn pictures for them! I don't think I could have responded, "YES!" any more quickly. I had a blast getting to take such a variety of pictures for them. From the typical posed images, the candid, getting to photograph grandma and grandpa loving on Jack, to the nursery, lets just say I had way too much fun! I just love this sweet little boy and hope that you all enjoy the pics (again...warning...there are lots!). 


Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day!!!

I keep trying to find the words to describe how much I love being a mom and every time I start to write my words fall short. Blame it on me being blonde, my pregnant brain, or just that I don't know enough words in the English language. Bottom line...I love being a mom! Having e in our life has been a joy that my wildest dreams could not compare to. Yes, there are moments that I would like to throw my hands up in the air and call for back up and a nap, but I would not trade this role for the world! Since I am completely lacking in words I'll share one of my absolute favorite pictures from when e was a newborn. 

(Thank you Amy for editing this picture!)
Throughout my life I have been surrounded by women that showed me through their daily lives how to be wonderful moms. I only hope that I can be the incredible example to my children and grand babies (I dream big!) that these women have been to me. I don't have pictures of a fraction of these women (i.e. Susanna, Amy, Sara!), but do have some of the grandmas and great grandmas. Each one of these ladies has filled my life with encouragement, prayers, love, and examples of how to follow God with your whole being. We love each of you deeply and wish we could have celebrated with you guys in person today!

Great Grandma Garland
Great Grandma Matheson (We miss you!!!)
Some day e and baby B will hopefully get to meet Great Grandma Bundy! (Some how we need to figure out how to get over to Washington.) And, I know that my Grandma Ellie would have loved to meet these two little boys. Let's be honest, they would have had permanent lipstick marks on their cheeks from all the kisses!

I seriously could not ask for anything more. I have a wonderful husband, an almost 2 year old that is full of life, and lots of kicks from our littlest man to bring smiles to my face everyday. 

Happy Mother's Day!

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Bring on the flat tire!

One person I have not written nearly enough about is my husband. I have mentioned this before and will say it again, David is the perfect man for me! No, he is not perfect, but he sure is perfect for me! Considering that we have been together for 13 years (dating and marriage combined) I have more stories then I could even start to write about that would demonstrate his patience, kindness, selfless heart, humble spirit, moral fiber, passion for justice, unconditional love, get the point...he is AMAZING! Instead of writing pages upon pages of me raving about David let me just give you a glimpse of today...

Baby B must be hitting a major growth spurt. Yes, I know that his job right now is to it...I'm pregnant. But, the last couple days the tiredness has set in a little stronger (again). This morning when I woke up I skipped the "good morning, honey" or "I love you" and went straight to "I NEED HELP!" haha! (I will let your mind wander a second, but don't worry, what is to come isn't all that bad!) I continued to tell David that he was in charge today (aka...I was handing off all my responsibilities to him) and that if I could I probably would sleep until 1000. Before I know it I am locked in our room (so e doesn't come in) and the next thing I remember is getting a text from David saying they had made it to church. What? A morning all to myself?!?!? I got to sleep in, have my devotions, do chores, and get lunch ready before they came home. After lunch e went down for a nap (didn't sleep but had good quiet time), David banned me to the couch, and then cleaned up the kitchen before heading out to base to study for his board on Wednesday (ps...if you think of him on Wednesday we will be up in DC where he will be doing his final board to completely qualify as a nuke).  I know to some what he did may not seem monumental, but it was exactly what I needed today. 

I won't drag on my story too much longer, but I have to include one more part. While David was studying e and I drove to a friends house for a Birthday party. Not sure how I managed, but as I pulled up to the curb I nailed the front tire on the edge of the curb. Guess what happened...that's right...immediate hissing...instant flat! I call David at school trying not to burst into tears as I tell him that I have a flat tire (ps...yes I do know how to change a flat) and what I had just done to the car. All I hear on the other end of the phone is the calmest most loving response of "It's ok. I'm on my way." Thankfully I didn't need to drive right away so he was able to finish studying and then come rescue his overemotional tired pregnant wife. 

I could go on and on about this man, but will end by saying that when I think he can't get any more amazing I hear him and e laughing hysterically in the other room, or I find them cuddled in the cardboard box fort before bedtime, or I see the way he looks at my belly and how he can't wait to hold our Baby B. (Insert long happy sigh here.) I love you David Bundy and wouldn't trade you for the world!  

Changing the subject as I do every are the weekly pics...the semi normal...

the real life...

...and the revenge!!!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The Yonkmans! Talk about one beautiful family!

A couple weeks ago I had the absolute honor of spending the afternoon with an amazing family. Meet Ryan, Mary, and Ellie! The day was beautiful, the family gorgeous, and I had a blast. I love it when I can run in front and behind a family just capturing the moments. Don't  look at the camera, don't pose, just have fun and they sure did! So, enough with the words, I'll leave space for the pictures, because there are just that many pictures I want to share. 


Love to all 3 of you!