Saturday, March 30, 2013

week 18, brought to you by an "are you kidding me" moment!

On Tuesday a wonderful friend of mine met e and me at Walmart. So thankful that she and her e (ellie) came to hang out with us (even if it was in Walmart) because I hadn't seen her in such a long time that it literally felt like forever. So we are walking around Walmart, I finally find everything I am looking for and can stop internally stressing and let eli push/pull the cart wherever he would like. We had been in the store for a while at this point so I decided I would take off my jacket. Haha!!! Oh goodness! Totally took off my jacket and there I was standing in front of poor Mary with the top button of my pants completely undone! All I could say was "sorry, when I drive my pants are getting a little tight around my belly..." Haha!!! Thank you for being a good sport, Mary!

Alright, enough with the embarrassing moment (going to spare myself and save other stories for a later day). On to the pictures (prepare yourself, there are several many)! Thank you Aunt Amy for the amazing idea of getting a wall track for e. He loves this track and has spent hours playing with it! His other favorite activity these days has been playing in his fort (a huge box with a blanket over it). We just love getting to see how even at such a young age his little imagination is at work.

On Wednesday e and I went to the zoo with Auntie Val, Uncle Jimmy and their family. We had so much fun that we just had to go back again today with daddy and this time I brought my camera. I really tried not to be behind the camera the whole time, but managed to get a couple pics for you to see. 

As you can see, e was not at all interested in looking at the camera! He was FAR to busy looking all the animals and doing a great job saying their names. 

As you can see from the next couple pictures, e LOVED having daddy along! They were pretty much inseparable!

 Warning for the following picture! It is...well...different...but I couldn't help but take a picture of this sign!

 (Really! So gross!!!!!) 

E really was not in the mood for pictures today. I mean really, can you blame him! There are so many cool animals to see. "Mom, why on earth are you kneeling on the floor trying to get me to come over to you? And why are you making that crazy face? Come on!!!" 

Just makes these next pictures that much sweeter! 

I love this next picture of e and me. And, keeping with the crazy pregnancy weekly pictures, it is brought to you by another "are you kidding me" moment. Apparently the people walking by decided that the guy holding the camera up to his face aiming it at us was actually not taking a picture. So it goes! It fits in perfectly with all our other pictures. haha!

Sunday, March 24, 2013

a quotable week

We have made it almost through week 17. I am starting to feel baby move more and more, but still find myself being completely startled and nearly jumping out of my seat when I get kicked. I am so proud of myself for keeping myself mostly in check and have even found myself not nearly as tired as before. However, one of my absolute favorite parts of this past week was what was being said around this place. So many funny moments, I won't list them all but here are a few of my favorites, brought to you by both my wonderful husband and hysterical son...

Scenario: I plop down on the couch with complete exhaustion.
Kristi:  (rhetorical question) "What is wrong with me?"
David: (ignores the fact that the question is rhetorical) "You are old and pregnant!"
Kristi: (being too tired to get up and smack David) "You are so mean!!!!"
David: (trying to dig self out of a very deep hole) "But you are gorgeous!"
Kristi: (rolls eyes!!!!)

Scenario: E and me singing in car on our way to see daddy on base. Due to numerous red lights we are not very far into the drive but are now moving on to zoo animals as we have gone through all the farm animals that Old McDonald has.
Eli: "Mom! Mom!"
Kristi: "Yes, Eli?"
Eli: "All done!"
Kristi: "Do you want to sing another song?"
Eli: "ALL DONE!"
(Had to keep myself from busting out laughing! But, I guess there was to be no more singing on our little road trip.)

Scenario: E had no idea that being Sunday daddy was able to come home this morning after having been on duty yesterday and was actually sleeping in our room. I took e into the room to wake daddy up and e with a beaming smile sits on the bed right next to his daddy.
David: "Hi Eli!"
Eli: "Daddy, you're home!" (pauses and looks at daddy again) "Daddy, you're home!"
(Mind you, this is the first sentence that Eli has every put together himself. Yes, he has phrases such as "What is that?" and "There it goes!" But, this is the first time he has ever made a sentence himself! David and I pretty much had completely melted hearts!) on to the pics. A couple of the monster enjoying a snack and his fort and a couple more of e and I trying to read a book on a very rainy afternoon.


I am now going to go act on the fact that I am old and pregnant. If you need me, I will be crocheting in front of the TV with my feet up under my nice cozy blanket while I sip on my chai and eat a snack. 

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

a baby on the way!

I met Becky and Russ a couple weeks ago when Becky asked me to take maternity pictures for them. I am so thankful that I got to spend a whole afternoon with them. Talk about a couple that is full of joy, completely in love with each other, and beyond excited for the arrival of their sweet baby. We had more laughs than I can count, which you all know me, I love a good laugh! And Becky was such a good sport letting me drag her all over downtown Norfolk. Thankfully it was a beautiful day! 

Praying for the safe arrival of your precious baby! Enjoy the pictures!

Monday, March 18, 2013

We just can't get enough of this kid!

E frequently shows up in my posts, but I haven't written one just about him in a very long time. Our sweet little boy is getting so big right before our eyes! My brother sent me some videos that he took of e during the summer and it was such a huge reminder of how fast he is growing. He has lost a lot of the toddler waddle when he runs and has exchanged it for speed and normally has a soccer ball in front of him while he is running. He no longer uses his hands to sign and tell us what he wants. Instead he can now tell you most of the shapes, more animals and animal sounds than I can remember (and now is starting to make dinosaur sounds...yes...dinosaurs), and reminds us frequently that we need to be very very careful what we do and say in front of him. My favorite mimicking story goes like this...

David and e in other room. David needs my attention so calls out "NENA!" (if you haven't guessed, that is what David calls me in Spanish). I answer. E proceeds to run into the room where I am beaming and belting out "NENA, NENA, NENA!" So now depending on the day, e may or may not call me mommy. Instead, he may be calling me "NENA!"

With e around everything is an adventure! He loves to learn, investigate, and master everything. He thrives on tasks! He is so proud of himself when you ask him to bring you something and he can find it and bring it (he is going to be a wonderful big brother!). Food is only desired when on the run or if it crunches. He gets a kick out of hearing himself laugh and you can find him making crazy faces at himself during bath time because he can see his reflection in that metal piece on the side of the tube under the faucet (no...not the drain!). He tells you he loves you by blowing you two kisses, it melts my heart every time he says "ohtay" (ok) and every time someone teases him his response is "DADDY!" (you can imagine why!). Rarely do I get a picture these days of his face, and when I do he is all boy, boogers and all! So I will share the normal around here...crazy bath time fun, soccer balls, rocking chairs used for other things, and climbing on everything!

E you bring us so much joy! We LOVE you!!!!