Sunday, February 24, 2013

A ray of sunshine on a rainy day

I met Sarah back a couple years when David and I were living in Charleston. My first impression of her was that she was full of joy and life. My second impression (because lets be honest, sometimes the first isn't always accurate) was that she was amazing and still full of joy and I couldn't wait to hang out with her again (first impression was spot on this time!). I love this girl so much. Let me introduce you to the beautiful Sarah. She was kind enough to humor me by dressing up in rain gear and agreeing to take pictures in the rain. Of course it stopped raining as soon as we set out for our adventure, but we still had a blast and found a couple puddles. Not only did we find puddles, but a squad car that decided to be nice enough to park itself in the middle of the street to block traffic for us, a close call when I about feel into the river while trying to get the perfect shot (perfect shot didn't happen...haha!), many many laughs, and so much more. But, enough with the are the pics!


I can no longer suck it in!

As those of you who have read my recent post know I have been walking not only through the journey of a second pregnancy (takes on a whole new light with a busy little boy that keeps needing to eat and have his diaper changed) but also a spiritual journey. Trying to figure out who I am as a mom, wife...person! Making myself refocus on God, not be so selfish (easier said than done), and learning to cherish the moment that I have in front of me instead of wishing it away in hopes that tomorrow I will get more sleep, accomplish more, or at least get 2 minutes to myself. 

Last week, in an effort to shake things up and get myself focused, I set out several goals for myself. I am so excited so say that I was actually able to accomplish all of them and the results were more than I could have hoped for. Not only did I start a crochet project (again...makes me sound so old!), but I basically started a business. Crazy? Yes! But very fun! (You really don't have to look, but if you would like to see the start of my fb page click here). I was able to practice my photography and had an absolute blast hanging out with my beautiful model, Sarah (pictures will be up soon and ps...I will be needing more models so that Sarah doesn't get sick of me!). I kept up on my devos and taking vitamin D. And, I even pampered myself by using an amazing facial wash from my dear friend Cat (will have to devote a post just to that in the future) and going for a walk with my boys in the gorgeous weather we had this afternoon.  

Today was absolutely beautiful! The sun came out this afternoon and I couldn't get enough (natural Vitamin D on top of supplements...people, it doesn't get much better than that!). It was perfect weather for a walk, a game of peek-a-boo, running around with daddy and into trees, and of course playing with sticks. 

Oh yes...and before I is hard to see from the way I am sitting in the pictures, but I can no longer suck in the tummy. Nope, not at all. Baby has definitely made his or her presence known and I love it! 

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Photography...a 30 minute challenge

If you have spent 2 seconds with me in the last year you know that photography is a growing passion of mine. A passion that leaves me feeling like I need to study more than I ever have had to before, to practice any chance I get, and energizes me every time I see that image that just melts your heart. I got the urge to go out and practice. I normally take pictures of people, but being that it was so cold out today didn't want to drag my number one models (the e monster and his very patient father) out into the cold and my go to girl, Cat, decided that she should move last week (we love you Cat!). Instead, I decided to give myself a little challenge. The challenge was for David to name a block in our downtown area, after arriving at my destination I could scope it out as long as I wanted, but as soon as I took that first picture I only had 30 minutes to photograph at least 10 different objects. Ready, set, DON'T FREEZE! Oh goodness! Did I really have to pick one of the coldest days we have had yet to have some mommy-time outside? Yes, yes I did! Needless to say I got out there and was so cold by the end that I had to manually shift my body to focus on the object because my fingers (I tried multiple) were no longer capable of pressing the shutter halfway-down to auto focus. I took my last picture, looked at my timer and even though I felt like I had been out in the cold for an eternity it had only been 15 minutes and change. All that to say, I hope you enjoy what you see next and if you don't, please don't tell my almost frost-bitten fingers!

ps...that was 12...hehe

A good book, a needed cry, a perfect heartbeat, and everything in between…

We made it to week 12! There is still not an ideal photo-op session of Eli and me insight, but we are keeping it real and having fun and staying warm (no thank you to the 33 degree weather outside right now…indoor picture it is!).

Can I just be honest and say that I am absolutely out of my mind crazy! (Please feel free at anytime during this post to close the link and agree with me that I am losing it. I will not be offended mostly due to the fact that I will have no clue that you closed the blog.)  Let me put it this way, entry for month 3 in pregnancy journal…

Are you feeling more tired than usual? If so, do you have an opportunity to take naps?  Tired? Tired? There has to be a better word for it! My answer, YES! 

Do certain smells make you queasy? If so, which ones?  Yes, my son’s dirty diapers! How on earth am I supposed to avoid those when half the time e and I are the only ones home. And, no he doesn’t just go once a day and yes I would try to start potty training but he goes first thing in the morning (yes…I am still sleeping at this point) and as soon as he wakes up from his nap (yes…I am sleeping then, too).

Would you like to record any memorable events that happened during your pregnancy this month? Yes, I would actually. I am a hormonal mess that needs a nap and that thankfully has a husband who is willing to still put with the blubbering disaster over here.

Haha!!! Ok, so maybe I am making it seem a little worse than it actually is. Bottom line, every season of life seems to have a new adventure.  Sometimes that adventure looks like a challenge or a hurdle, an obstacle or a pain in the neck. I am slowly learning that these very moments are the ones I need to bring me back to where I need to be…focused on God. You would think I would learn! Even more so, I am finding that even though I have found myself completely broken blessings are being poured out all around me.  One major blessing this week was getting to hear our sweet baby’s heartbeat. There is no sweeter sound!

Part of working through my current adventure has been an attempt at gaining perspective, finding who I am through a creative outlet, setting goals, and an occasional pampering. So to have a little mommy-time (falling under the category of pampering) the other day I settled down to read my wonderful friend, Mary’s, blog.  She has inspired me in more ways than I think she even knows. If you get a chance you need to check out her blog, which I will link for you here.  In one of her recent posts she took adorable pictures of Ellie’s favorite books and then continued to list them out and describe their likes for each one.  I was inspired! I looked around at e’s books to see which ones have been and currently are his favorites thinking that I too should take a picture to at least capture the memory for him. What I found made me laugh and giggle so much that taking a picture was no longer a sweet idea but a must! Without further adue I present to you some of Eli’s favorite books...


As you can see, book are very "loved" in this house! We are getting better, but there is no doubt that a little boy lives here. My favorite part about taking these book pictures was when I looked up from the books and saw this little face looking at me. The timing couldn't have been any more perfect! 

Goals for this coming week to keep me from being quite so crazy (honestly that even possible? Less crazy?):
  • Start a crochet project (wow that makes me sound old)
  • Practice/Study my photography (ps...I may need a model or two)
  • Keep having devotions 
  • Find a way to pamper myself (I'll let you know if I find anything)
  • Don't forget to take my Vitamin D!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Our trip to Palm Springs (get ready for a TON of pictures!)

It has taken me forever but I am finally done with all the pictures I took when we went to Palm Springs in January. All I can say is that we had a BLAST! Whether it was exploring a new airport, cuddles with nana and papa, discovering new hobbies, having an adventure with cousins, spending hours swimming, going on a walk, driving through switchback roads, Auntie Kristi getting to pull out teeth,  relaxing with a good book, family outings, learning a new trick from the boys (mostly Uncle Tim!), a family photo session, or just hanging out was all so much fun!!! There is so much more I could say, but I already have enough pictures to make this post far too long. Bottom line, we would go back in a heartbeat!