Thursday, September 13, 2012

Jackson Family

A couple weeks ago I had the privilege of taking pictures for the Jacksons. Talk about a ton of fun! Their two little boys are absolutely adorable and they are just a fun family to be around. Luke has so much energy and personality and Bennett is such a good baby. I am looking forward to all the play dates that are to come!   

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

What? My tags are showing?

I am sure that every mom out there has either blogged, posted on their wall, phoned a friend, or basically some how told someone about their little joys of being a mother. It is now my turn. I am sure that pretty much every mom of a very active child will agree with me when I say it is a lot of work (and you will probably go even further and tell me that when the next one comes out!). I love our very active little man and am so glad that right now I only have one so that I am "eased" (hahahHAHAHAHA!) into the busy routine. The activity level in my life has increased exponentially, but I have found that my vocabulary has decreased in the last 14 months. For some reason I keep saying the same things over and over again. "Listen," "stop," "ouch," "yuck," "don't put that in your mouth" (this one has some variations..."what is in your mouth?" "take that out of your mouth," "give mommy what is in your mouth"...pretty proud of myself for working that sentence), "ELI!" Thankfully there are a couple other well, sounds, "roar," "woof woof," "mmmmoooo," haha! You get the point. It is a joy watching him learn new tricks every day and try so hard to communicate what he is thinking. My favorite phrase "What is it?"

Tonight I decided that since it was so nice out we would go over to the little patch of grass with the dog and run around. Of course I had my camera because I hadn't taken a picture for David so off we went. I was so proud of us that we were outside again. I was taking pictures left and right and then saw a glimpse of myself in the reflection of one of the buildings. What was that on my shirt? Probably a little treasure from Eli? Ya, not this time! This time it was all mommy...silly me...I had my shirt on inside out! I tell ya, you can't win for losing sometimes! But, I was able to get some pictures and they are a perfect example of all that I love about Eli.

The running...
(this next picture is is pretty much the view I have all day long as I try and keep up with him. So if in the future you see a lot of pictures from this angle..well, you can just imagine what I look like chasing after him...with the camera....and the dog...haha!)
...walking (sometimes dragging) the dog...
...being completely excited that the train is coming by...
 ..."what is it?" say eli. "The train," says mommy.
...(Pause) "Hi tra!" exclaims the e monster. 
...searching for treasure...(I can just hear his little voice now, "wow!)
 ...and wanting to eat it...(here it comes, "not in your mouth, please!" yet another variation on my sentence...hehe)

There are so many joys that he brings to our life, but to be honest I get weighed down by all the responsibilities and repetitive tasks. Trying to be a parent is hard work!
I can already feel how so easily my focus is shifted.
But, I am determined to be there for this little man. To enjoy every moment, even the ones that try my patience and are downright frustrating. Because he is our little blessing and we love him to pieces.
There is nothing like seeing your baby boy running toward you with his arms wide open knowing that you are going to get a big old hug and kiss...
...or like seeing those big blue eyes look up at you...
So, I might need to wear running shoes and find a way to increase my vocabulary everyday, but it is worth it. We are ready little man. Run as fast as you can because daddy and I will do our best to stay right behind you every step of the way. We love you!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

You guys are the best!

The other day Cat and Will were kind enough to let me drag them outside and take pictures of them with my new lens. Talk about very good sports! I had the idea in my head that taking pictures on the top of the roof of our parking garage would be a great way to capture part of downtown Norfolk while keeping the subjects the main focus of the pictures. Bottom line, I had a ton of fun and just love hanging out with these two. Thank you guys for being the best! (And, shout out to Val for watching my little monster while I ran around taking pictures. Thank you!)