Thursday, August 30, 2012

An amazing engagement story...

This post just makes my heart happy. I am not going to do the story justice, but the long and short is that Brian and Katie are now engaged. They meet three years ago while Brian was down in Peru on a short-term missions trip and the rest is history. The last three years have been long distance. Different countries, different hemispheres. I am sure the time has been filled with as many letters and Skype calls as absolutely possible but they were still apart. Last Friday Brian flew down with Will (a close family friend of ours) to Peru to get Katie and bring her back here to the States to get married. You can just see how in love these two are immediately. Katie, I admire you. I had the privilege of going to the airport on Tuesday and taking pictures of them. Katie is an absolute sweetheart and she is marrying into an amazing family. Brian, you are one lucky guy! I am so excited for you guys and cannot wait for your wedding! 

I wanted to avoid captions on this post, but just have to say...subtract the backpack and lighter colored bag at the front...those are Will's and add one bigger bag...that is all she brought with her. Good reality check for the rest of us. 

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

So much fun in Canada

Earlier this summer Eli and I got to go to Calgary and see family. We had a BLAST! Getting to spend time with Nana and Papa, Great Grandma and Grandpa, my sister-in-law and her beautiful kids and we actually got to see a lot of extended family, too. I have been blessed with an amazing husband who has a wonderful family! There are a ton of pictures from our trip up North and they are not all included below, but there are still a lot of pictures. I wanted to make sure to show just how much fun we had, but also show off just how cute my nephew and niece are (only 2 of the 9 are photographed below, but I promise the other 7 are also very good looking!). 

Let me introduce you to Bella. She is a joy to be around. She has the greatest smiles, full of energy, loves her baby brother to pieces, and is so much fun to cuddle up with on the couch. Love you Bella! 

This adorable little man is Declan. Seriously can't get enough of him. He overflows with joy and those eyes absolutely melt your heart. Sending you big hugs, Declan!!!

We did so many fun things while we were there that I hardly know where to start. Mom and dad have a great backyard! The kids enjoyed running up and down the hill, blowing bubbles, playing with their toys and 
just being outside.

We went for tons of walks! Sara and I were so grateful for the mornings when mom would bundle up the little ones and take them out for a morning stroll so we could sleep for a couple more minutes. I think the had a blast hanging out together, too. 

The boys had a blast entertaining Great Grandma and Grandpa and loved getting a ride on Grandma's walker. 

The beach was a hit! Sadly I don't have a picture of me dragging a double umbrella stroller absolutely loaded down with bags, food, kids, and stuff through the sand. Pretty much had everyone on the beach looking at me and thinking to themselves, "so glad I'm not that girl!" haha!

We loved the zoo and Bella really got into getting her picture taken when we got to the dinosaurs. (I get a kick out of the pictures of mom with her head in the dinosaur's mouth and all of us pilled into dad's truck. We had all three car seats in the back with room to spare! We sure did feel like the Beverly Hillbillies though!) 

There are just so many great memories! Here are more favorite moments. 

So thankful for our papa and Great Grandpa! 

The kids were so patient with me and the camera. So to conclude here are more pictures of some of the cutest kids ever!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Chellin Family Pictures!

You know how there are some people in your life that just bless your heart? This family is one of them! They have been wonderful friends over that last 6 six years. Sitting here thinking about their little girls I realize that so far I have had the privilege of having a part in each of their little lives. I have known Eva since she was born and loved all the opportunities I have had to babysit her.  I love little Lorelei and her sweet spirit and it just tickles me pink that she and Eli were born 30 minutes apart. And now I have had the opportunity to take  maternity pictures for baby Amelia. I have taken several many pictures for them now and they have been gracious enough to keep letting me. Meagan and Dana are so much fun to be around, I adore Eva (my pickle), love Lorelei, and cannot wait to meet Amelia. So, here are a bunch of pictures! I even included some of the crazy ones (cough cough...Dana) toward the end and could not help but include some of the ones I took of just the girls.