Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Norah Elizabeth Grace

Last night I had the privilege of taking pictures of this beautiful baby girl and her family! I had such a fun time and wish them all the best with their new little addition. She is just such a cutie!  


And, I can't finish this post without adding in some of the crying moments. For some reason they make my heart happy! Even when she is crying she is cute!

I just love these little boys. They are full of energy, curiosity, and love for their little sister. Thank you for being such good sports!

Finally, the cousins...love these little girls who also got to hang out with us yesterday and wanted to make sure they got their pictures taken, too. Thank you again, all of you, for letting me take your pictures!!!

A trip to the home...wait...the zoo...hehe!

We just love the zoo! And, inevitably, when we go to the zoo we pick on someone in the family (cough cough...Kahla) and tell them that we are going to take them to see their real family. We are so mean! But, it is all don't in love!

HAHA! Crazy kid!
I don't know Josh...I think it might be a little too small for you!
Rest Break!

We had fun! ps...the bears at the MN zoo are hysterical! 

Look back

Ok, so here is the deal. I have a bunch of pictures and what good are they unless you do something with them. So get ready ladies and gentleman for far too many posts with more pictures than you could ask for. Here we go!

This first set of pictures is from almost a month ago. We just had to take flag pictures on the 4th of July. I mean...that is what you do, right? haha!

I just love this kid!!!!!!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Show and Shine

We are in Canada right now visiting David's parents and having a blast! There have been so many fun moments, but yesterday was extra fun. At the church here they had "Show and Shine." There were more old, cool, unique, fun cars than you could imagine and then there were the motorcycles, tractors, trucks, and monster trucks! What an amazing outreach to the community. Everyone there seems to be having a great time!

Eli drove around in style! I think he should have won best in show...haha!

He and papa had a lot of fun hanging out together! On the tractor...

...just walking around...

...sitting in the bobsled...

...and watching the monster truck!


I couldn't help but think of my siblings when I saw certain vehicles. Josh, I found your dream truck! The first picture is your and the second is Kahla's. 

And I even found a place for you to live, Josh...hehe! 

Haha! Miss you guys!

David's mom took this next picture. I sent it to David and told him that since he was gone for my Birthday and our Anniversary that I used that money to buy a car. I am impressed that it actually looks like I am sitting in the car when I am actually crouched down behind it. So much fun! We were laughing our heads off!

What a fun day! There will be plenty more pictures coming!