Saturday, April 28, 2012

Baby Shower Time

It is baby shower season around here and I love it! A group of us girls got together and made a diaper cake for this first shower that was for our friend Lyndsey. I am so excited that I finally get to put up the pictures of this cake (now that they shower is over and I won't wreck the surprise by posting pictures) because, call me biased, but I think it is an AWESOME diaper cake! 

This cake comes complete with home made burp clothes (and a homemade receiving blanket which is wrapped up in the center), hair bows, floral and rosette head bands, Burt's Bees products, breast pad flowers, lots and lots of love, and even more goodies. 

The burp clothes are grey and black (Catherine Day's handwork) and were used in the second layer as well as used for floral accents. The white center is actually a white rosette on a headband. 

This big beautiful flower is actually also on a headband and is going to be adorable in the newborn pictures! (All the bows, rosettes, and headbands were Val Wegener's handwork.) 

So many cute bows! 

More bows!!! This baby girl is going to be set!

Cutest little pair of shoes (Good choice Anna Guthmann!) Flowers around the bottom are actually breast pads...haha! (What? I had a lot of them just laying around and had to do something with them! Got to be creative and use what you have! And yes, for those of you who thought of it...they are unused!) 

Love this diaper cake! 

 More to come! We have lots more baby showers around here!

I was also inspired by pinterest and made the mobile below to go in Lyndsey's nursery (don't worry, I did ask her first as I know it is a very different look). I made it out of an old hymnal. I hope to have more pictures to post of it later once it is hung in the nursery. It was so much fun to make. 

Monday, April 9, 2012

A very EXCITING Easter!

We had a very busy and exciting Easter this year. It was an absolutely beautiful day (even though Eli kept me up most of the night before trying to cut his 8th tooth) filled with many blessings. The most amazing blessing is remembering the sacrifice Jesus made for us and the hope we have in Him knowing that He has risen from the dead! Easter is such a great reminder of what we are really here on this earth for, to be in a personal relationship with God, and to bring Him glory and honor! If you haven't started that relationship...I encourage you to because it is amazing! 
The other blessings came in the form of our baby boy. He has a trend of doing very exciting things on holidays (i.e. sat up for the first time on Christmas Day). Here is what he has been up to.
He discovered Tanners leash. To sum it up in one word...HYSTERICAL!

(Best picture EVER...sorry Tanner...he isn't leaving anytime soon)

Because it was such a beautiful day I decided we needed to get some Easter pictures. So, I got Eli all dressed up, threw him in the stroller, tied Tanner to the stroller, and off we went to find fun places for pictures. (Eli is such a good sport...hungry, tired, cutting a tooth, and still let mommy take some pictures.)

(Bad mommy son got a rash from the grass...ugh!)

Then Easter night we had a ton of friends over to celebrate. Our amazing friend Cat Day has the wonderful tradition of cooking Greek food on Easter. So, she cooked and I cleaned (I think I got the better end of the deal). Eli was in such a good mood...even tried to drink my water...

...which lead to him actually figuring out how to use a sippy cup today. Yay! But, the best part of the night was when, in front of everyone, Eli took his first steps!!! Yes, you read correctly, my 9 month old is trying to walk!!!! I just love that he did it when everyone was over! 

So many fun memories! This is one Easter we will never forget!