Sunday, March 11, 2012

Here we go...

As most everyone knows today was the day...David is now officially on deployment. Now don't think for one second when you start reading the below that I want David to be gone for 7 months. There is nothing I would rather have then to have my husband home every night. But, both David and I have a deal that when deployments come around there is not sulking for 7 months. There is a reason that God has put us in the Navy and with that comes deployments. Now that he is on his way I am ready and excited to see what God has planned for both...correction...all three of us during this time (but believe me...this morning at 0500 there was no excitement what-so-ever...NONE!).

We tried to do so much before David left and we were successful. We have had so much fun! Yesterday we did everything from extra special breakfast, to the pool, getting smoothies, giving Eli his first fast food meal (don't was straight up applesauce...although it did have cinnamon...hehe), smoothies, going out for a walk, video taping David reading stories to Eli, molding our hand prints in flour dough, to packing. Crazy, but fun!

Here are some of the Daddy-Eli moments. Love seeing my boys together!

I know this last picture isn't the best (took it in the parking garage at 0430 with my cellphone) but I love it. My two very happy tired boys. So sweet!

The highlight of today's post is how faithful and good our God is. Thank you to every single one of you for praying for us. Your prayers have been answered because we have felt the peace that passes all understanding! I will be honest, once I left David at the ship I sat in the car sobbing for awhile, it isn't easy, but God is so good! I got home and Eli (such a good sport) went back to sleep for a long while which means mommy gets to sleep. Yay! Then when I went to take the dog out there was an amazing blessing waiting for me.
Can you believe it!?!? Not only do David and I have the most amazing blood family, we have the most amazing Navy family! As far as I am concerned there is no difference between blood and Navy, they are the best. Thank you Val, Anna, and Cat, you girls are AMAZING!!! I started crying as soon as I opened the door. My poor neighbors...haha! The day kept getting better and better. Eli took a really long nap so again I was able to catch up on sleep. The there were the phone calls, texts, emails, fb messages, and they kept coming and coming (love it!). We have just been showered with encouragement. Got to go to the pool with Eli (he is a little fish) at the YMCA and there was even someone there that was an encouragement. Then there was the wonderful walk with Cat on an absolutely gorgeous day to see the cutest puppies ever at Val and Jimmy's (thank you for letting us come over) followed by a yummy supper at Cat and Will's (thank you for feeding us!). Bottom line, thank you Lord for putting so many people in our lives that have showered us with your love and blessings!!!

Now, I am a numbers person and very goal driven. So, here are some of my solutions to my cravings for both. First, made matching chain links. Ours is hanging where I can see it pretty much from everywhere in the apartment unless I am in one of the rooms. David and I get to take one link off each Sunday...hehe!

Counting the weeks wasn't quite good enough so I thought I would count down the days, too. Since I can't put a count down on fb or on the blog, I decided I would do coins (I guess if you really want to know exactly how many days it is until he gets home you can come dump out my jars...that means I have company!!!).
As far as goals is my list of goals for this deployment:
  • Finish my continued education nursing courses (this is only on my goal list so I remember to do it and don't get caught up in all the fun goals)
  • Learn how to make and stalk up the freezer with homemade pasta
  • Make a fondant cake (maybe even Eli's first birthday cake)
  • Complete all my crafts for Eli's room (once completed pictures will be posted)
  • Get caught up on Eli's baby books (lots of Eli goals!)
  • ...I feel like there was at least one other I will leave this list open-ended...
  • Most importantly, make the most of everyday!
I have been blessed with such an amazing family and such wonderful friends! Love and hugs to all of you! We really couldn't do this without you guys.

David, you might be on a ship sailing farther and farther away from home, but I love you more and more with each passing moment! Thank you for being my husband! I am so proud of you! Te amo!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Our trip to Canada (lots and lots of Pictures!)

We were able to go up to Canada last week to see family. So much fun! There are just so many fun things that we did. But, I must say, one of my favorite things was seeing Great Grandma and Great Grandpa love on the grandbabies!

(I was taking quite a few pictures of Grandpa with the babies...he says...boys we should start charging for this pictures, five dollars please. Love it!)

I love you Grandma

Grandpa with Declan (our nephew...can you say "CUTE!")

Getting in all the Daddy time I can

Playing with Declan's dedication balloons (I will let Matt and Sara post on the dedication. It was so much fun and so beautiful!)

Papa playing with Declan

Look at my new trick. "Mommy, Daddy, I'm awake!"

Nana said I could...haha

So sweet

Too cute!

And of course...had to take family pictures!

(The true faces come out)

Four Generations

Matt, our wonderful Brother-in-law was so sweet and took family pictures for us. Matt, YOU ARE AMAZING!!!