Sunday, February 19, 2012

Day at the Zoo!

Yesterday was a BEAUTIFUL day! So we scratched the long list of errands that still need to be run and went to the zoo. Eli was pretty tired when we got there and spent most of the time sleeping in the wrap, but all three of us had a ton of fun.

My monkeys (...a very tired Eli)

Peek-a-boo (thanks to David's more than one way...haha!)

So cute!

As you can see...hard to separate these two, and I would have it no other way!

Some of our favorite animals!

(Can you tell I like giraffes!)
Me: "I love giraffes! Probably because I am tall and awkward just like they are."
David: "Not sure about tall."
Me: (silence) "...PUNK!!!"

Don't you just want to give him a hug?

Love my baby boy!


These two are so funny! Even have fun looking at their reflection in the car window on the way home.

Love my boys!

The Zoo was a great idea! Note to self: Must do again.

Friday, February 17, 2012

We love having our daddy home!

We have loved having David home! There is nothing like being together as a family. Eli loves every moment that he gets to spend with his Daddy. He has not stopped looking at him with those big eyes and smiling every time he hears his voice. We love you David!

Nap time

Playing in the box Daddy's new computer came in

Bath time!

Thumb! the hair!

We wanted to do something special to celebrate having David home for Valentine's Day. So we hung up a bunch of hearts all over the apartment and bought some yummy treats!

Look at the way he looks at his daddy. Makes my heart melt!

Love love LOVE this picture!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

More craft time...

A couple more pictures of some of the creations I have made to keep me busy and out of trouble. Some inspired from pinterest, others my own twist on patterns, and others just for fun! Yay for craft time!

Christmas wreath

Man's scarf (gave it to my dad for Christmas)

Just for fun!


and more flowers!

Hat I made for Kahla (I made another with a purple flower for myself and I love it)

Was inspired to make this at 0200 when I was up with Eli one night. Just had to make it for Sofi!

She is just so cute! (ps...this is Sofi)

Another middle of the night inspired creation. Mobile for Sofi! (Thank you Cat for helping me tie the fish string! It was driving me crazy!!!) You can't see all of Val's handy work with this shot of the room (Val is Sofi's mom), but she has done an AMAZING job making the cutest little girls room you could ever ask for, homemade quilt and all!