Sunday, January 15, 2012

Eli's Dedication

One of the BIG highlights of our time in Minnesota is that we were able to dedicate Eli. We have really been wanting to do this, but with our recent move (which includes changing churches) and lack of family in the area we hadn't and we jumped on the opportunity when it presented itself. His dedication was on January about the perfect way of starting the new year!
My dad (Buelo) was the one that lead the dedication. There were 3 other couples that dedicated their babies as well (funny thing...all of them were boys!). During the dedication David was able to read a prayer that he wrote...Beautiful! He did an amazing job. So amazing that I am pasting it below. Here it is:

Lord, I thank you for the blessing you have given us in our son, Eli. We prayed for him but never dreamed of how big of a gift we were asking for. When he was born we named him Eli David. Eli, or “An Offering,” is what he is for us. We give him to You as a love offering, that you would do what you will with him and through him. His namesake was a priest, and as it is his first name, we pray that he would put you first in everything. We ask that you would mold him into a man who always looks to you first and foremost and is a light that brings others to you. David, or “Beloved One,” describes both Your love for him and ours. As David was both a king and a warrior, we pray that Eli would be a leader of virtue, integrity and discipline. We pray that he would be a Godly leader and lead in a way that displays his love for you. We also pray that he would be a warrior for You. That he would stand up for what is right and never back down. That his anger would always be righteous and that he would have the wisdom and temperance to know when to use it. We pray that you guide his life and that he would be a man after Your own heart. Give us the wisdom and patience to point him to you as he grows and learns about the world around him. Make yourself obvious to him in ways words could never convey. Make him a tool for your will and give him the love and desire to fulfill Your plan for his life. Thank you again for the blessing of Eli and for the honor of being able to raise him, amen.

Eli being Eli...he just loves that thumb!

He then realized that the guy talking was his Buelo...

...which resulted in him not taking his eyes off of Buelo the whole time Buelo was talking.

(Zoomed in...see what I mean! So cute!)

David was reading his prayer, I was trying to keep my crying from the prayer to just tears and not snot, and Eli..."Daddy, what are you doing?"

Love this picture!

After church Great Grandma and Grandpa Garland (love all the "g"s) came over and love on Eli. What a joy to be able to let Eli spend time with them! We got some great pictures!

Great Grandpa is just so proud.

They have the same facial expression

Another one of my favorites! Eli just loved all that attention.

We are so thankful for our little man. God truly has blessed us and we are thankful! We are going to try our best, but are so grateful that we have an incredible family and amazing friends who will help us. Love to all of you (you know who you are!)!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Eli's First Christmas...(so I am a couple weeks late...)

Last Christmas we knew that a baby was on the way, but we did not even imagine how wonderful our Eli would be. He is pretty amazing! This Christmas we had a blast watching him try and pull at the Christmas tree, be mesmerized by the lights, tear open his presents, and learn how to sit up for the first time on his own Christmas Day (our Christmas present). God has blessed us in so many ways. We love our Eli!

David and his Christmas goodies (he always teased Peter, but really...he has his own Christmas treat plate!).

Christmas morning we slept in (have to take advantage now while Eli doesn't know you are supposed to wake up early), listened to our Christmas story (that Papa recorded for Eli) and opened presents!

Thank you Uncle Tim, Aunt Susie, Toby, Asher, and Cora for the presents. He loves them!!!

Sitting up all on his own (SO EXCITING!!!). I love the look on his face..."What could it be?"
"Really?!?! You got it for me!!!!"
"This is exactly what I wanted!" haha