Monday, October 24, 2011

Out for a walk...

This past Sunday was absolutely beautiful, so we decided to go for a walk and take some pictures. I just love where we live!

One of my favorite places. Footbridge from downtown Norfolk to Historic Ghent.

Chrysler Museum of Art

Our handsome baby boy

David was feeding the geese, but my favorite part was watching Tanner hope that he too would get some bread.

He acts like we never feed him!

Where are the ducks?

More geese

What normally happens on our walks

And the following pictures are from right around where we live. Lots of old churches, tons of huge homes, and many beautiful little parks.

I am hoping to tempt some of you to come visit with the pictures...haha!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Our new home

Living in downtown Norfolk has been such a treat. We get to walk around daily a historical location that people come to visit as tourists. I was actually out with Eli and the dog for one of our daily strolls and found that a cruise liner had pulled in and docked just a couple blocks from our apartment. I don't know what language they were speaking, but they all seemed very excited about our neighborhood. So today on our walk I was the one that looked like a tourist carting around our camera taking pictures of everything.

Love this street. Hard to tell, and sadly always has cars in the way, but it is lined with the USA flag. Something about our flag that tugs and my heart strings.

I will have to get pictures of some of the old houses, but for now, one of the many gates.

There are a ton of statues, monuments, memorials, etc around. Very big navy town.

Lone sailor statue with memorials in the background to sailors lost on specific ships and at the Pentagon.

My favorite...the Homecoming statue.

Everywhere you look there is something reminding you of history and how grateful we need to be for the men and women that have served our country.

Courtyard to St. Paul's Episcopal Church

An actual cannon ball in the side of the church fired by Lord Dunmore on January 1, 1776 (happy new year!)

It amazes me how old some of the graves are.

The MacArthur Memorial

Right now the Virginia Stage Company is performing "Red." So in downtown everywhere you look, including the fountain you see red.

Will and Cat...our amazing neighbors and friends.

Norfolk has adopted the mermaid as its mascot, kind of like Chicago has the cows/bulls all over, we have mermaids.

There seriously is red everywhere! And very creatively.

There are I believe 110 mermaids...some hidden in buildings (where it is very hard to photograph)...
...and others out in the open. It really is fun to walk around and try to see how many you can find.
Anyway, that is a little glimpse into our little part of the world. Hopefully I will be able to take more pictures while on our walks to share.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Sand Art

This past weekend there was a festival down at Virginia Beach, the Neptune Festival. We wanted to go down to see the sand sculptures. We are pretty new to the area and only knew of one parking garage down at the beach so immediately headed in that direction. After what seemed like forever driving to the garage, having the "Lot Full" sign literally put out right as we were going to pull in, driving around the block a couple times and the Really Nice man at that parking garage feeling bad for us and letting just our car into the garage, we made it. We were feeling pretty good, only to find out that the sand sculptures were on 8th street and we had parked on 31st street...AHHHHHHHHHHHHH! We sped walked all the way down the board walk (this whole time thinking that the event was going to finish at 6 pm and it was already 5pm...again...ahhhh!) and finally were able to meet up with our friends. Thankfully the event didn't end at 6 and we had plenty of time to look around. It was a great time. We love hanging out with Val and Jimmy! Here are some of the much detail!

My favorite! Really hard to see from the picture, but on the top of the armored fish is a little boy all suited up in armor. The caption in the sand said "My mom says I can save the world." And then there is a recycling bin in the back if I am not mistaken. So cute!

Sand art was followed by running through rain drops to Pizza Planet (SO MUCH FUN!), major messy diaper, and taking a cold stroll back down the board walk to our car. But, at least it wasn't another sped walk and this time we got to chat with Val and Jimmy (don't worry, we were nice enough to drive them back to their car, which was at the correct end of the beach, especially since Val is due the first part of November and it was so cold out). Good times!