Monday, September 26, 2011

Passport in the Rain

Last week we decided it was time to get Eli's passport. We want to go and see David's brother and family up in Canada for US Thanksgiving so we needed to get the ball rolling. We attempted last Wednesday only to walk 30 minutes to the passport office and remember we forgot Eli's Birth Certificate at home...ugggg! David was able to get off work early enough on Friday to try again. We left and it was drizzling out...but while we were in the office is started to POUR! Thankfully we drove, but we still got soaked!

The rain was just pouring into the garage. But, makes for a fun memory.

Eli was the highlight of everyone's day at the office. Just before he was supposed to get his picture taken he fell asleep. But, woke up when I placed him against the sheet on the wall (thankfully he can hold up his head) with the whole office watching him and trying to get him to look at the camera.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

They could be twins

Susie just sent me a picture of Tobiah from when he was a baby. My goodness, Eli could be his twin. I put a pic of Eli and the one of Toby below. So much alike!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Visit from Nana

This past weekend David's mom, Nana, came to visit us. We loved having her here! Just a couple pictures from our weekend. Thank you for coming!!!

In front of the USS Wisconsin (battleship that has been made into a historical site).
Just hanging out
Play time or nap time?
Stroller pictures are the new thing...haha!
Just love the way he is looking at her!

Hopefully we will have some more pictures coming, but for now this is all. Thanks again for coming mom!

Monday, September 5, 2011

After Hurricane Irene

Hurricane Irene graced us with her presence last weekend. It was a little crazy around here, but we are very thankful for God's hand of protection that was over us and all the prayers that were said for us. Our neck of the woods really did not get hit hard. Where we evacuated to (Chester, VA) was hit harder than our neighborhood, but nothing in comparison to some places.

On Thursday we went down to Virginia Beach for a Command picnic. As you can see, it was a beautiful day...and the hurricane was on its way.

Friday morning we packed up our car went and got Eli's 2 month shots and headed out of town. (You know you go to a military clinic when your baby comes home covered in camouflage band-aids.)

We didn't have any damage/flooding to our apartment. But, if you look closely there is a little red circle with a green dot in it. We live where the green dot is, which is borderline on the "low laying areas" of downtown Norfolk.

Always see these signs, but first time we were actually following them.
Can we say traffic? TRAFFIC!!!
All cozy at the hotel (along with all the other evacuees).
Saturday it rained...
and poured...(a little tricky getting the dog to go to the bathroom).

By Sunday it was beautiful outside, so we decided to head home. We tried to take some pictures of what we saw, but it was a little hard getting good shoots out of our dirty windows.
Greatest danger faced all power at the intersections. Almost got rear-ended being a good driver by treating the the intersections as a four-way stop. Guess no one else remembered their driver's training.
Lots of emergency vehicles out and about.
Second greatest danger...power lines. We crossed over at least 5 power lines that were laying across the road and almost got clothes-lined by the power line pictured above.
We mainly saw trees and power lines down. A couple signs here and there.
Keep driving and keep praying the tree won't finish falling.
Looks more like spaghetti than a power line.

Couple HUGE trees down with the whole root ball pulled out. And, sadly, one house that got hit.

We made it home safe and sound, thank you for the prayers!