Friday, August 26, 2011

A quick post before the hurricane...

Here are a couple pictures and videos before our blog gets littered with hurricane/natural disaster pictures/stories.

Love that smile!

What was that?

Me and daddy (David was all dressed up for a change of command on his ship)

Let's be real though...this is how he really felt about getting all dressed up!

I'm trying to talk!

The things we do to try and get a baby to talk.

Our little soccer player!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Beach Fun

One of the wonderful things about David being in the Navy is that we are always close to the beach. It was so much fun to take Eli to the beach, his first time. Funny how the one person that isn't in the sand and water can end up with so much sand on him. Here are some pictures of the fun we had at the beach when the family was down to visit last week.
Beach bum

Got to love the hat...our little sailor
He did NOT like the water. Too cold!

Face of focus

Get that wave!

Nice face Kahla

Dad showing Kahla how to ride the wave

Time to relax

Monday, August 15, 2011

Visit from Minnesota

This past week my mom and dad, brother and sister came to visit. We had a blast! They were wonderful and got our apartment looking amazing. They worked so hard and got everything up on the walls and all decorated. But, the best part was that they got to see Eli. We worked during the day while David was at work and tried to get out and have fun in the evenings. We are so grateful for all their help! We got out to the USS ENTERPRISE and took some pictures to celebrate Eli's 6 week birthday.
Look Mom, we match!

I see you Uncle Awesome!

Hi Buelo.

Cuddle time with Auntie Pork.

Mima and I just chilling.

Can you tell we're sisters?

The whole family!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

David and Eli

We were looking through pictures and were comparing Eli's pictures to David's baby pictures. We decided they are related. Seriously though, they almost have the exact same expression. I sure love my boys!