Thursday, July 28, 2011

More Pictures of Eli

Last week we had a friend come and take some pictures of Eli. She is trying to expand her newborn portfolio and we got to have a photo shoot. Eli was less than helpful with his 3 waterworks shows with a finally of pooping all over her really nice blanket. But, she was able to get a couple pictures out of it and did a really good job. Here is here link:
To see the pictures of Eli click on the "proofing" link and then enter in the password "bundy"
Then, just for fun, I decided to try and take a couple more pictures of our baby boy. Here are some I took on his 1 month Birthday.

Had to put this one in there. I was getting everything all ready, went to get Eli and when I came back, Tanner decided that I had made him a very comfortable place to lay down.

God is Good All the Time!

We made it to Virginia. It was a long haul, but we did it. It started out with us taking a house hunting trip from the 14th of July through the 19th. Let me tell you, we have a good little traveler (he was a little sick of his car seat by the end of the trip, but he was so good).

We were having a really hard time finding a place, but God provided a wonderful apartment within our budget on Monday (the day before we were scheduled to head back to South Carolina) afternoon before the apartment offices closed. Praise the Lord!
On Tuesday we started our car ride home planning for everything that we would have to do that night before the packers came on Wednesday (I don't know if you are keeping track of the days, but that would be the following day). Thankfully they called us on Tuesday and told us that we didn't have enough stuff for a two day pack so would only be coming on Thursday to pack up the apartment and then on Friday to move it all out. Yea! One more day to get things in order. The packing went smoothly on Thursday and the movers were great on Friday (it was a crazy hot day, but otherwise everything went really well).
On Saturday David, Eli and I started out for our second car ride up to Virginia. However, this time I had to drive as well as we were taking up both cars. We took it slow and made the trip in two days arriving at our wonderful apartment on Sunday. That is when the fun began...
The electricity in our apartment was supposed to be turned on the Friday before we arrived, but do to some "problems" it was not on when we arrived. No electricity, no hot water, no air conditioning (which was the biggest problem as it was easily 100 degrees that day). Thankfully our apartment is on the first floor, in the shadow of a neighboring building, and well insulated. Since the apartment itself wasn't too hot for the baby we decided to stick it out, pulled out our blow up mattress (we used the plug in the hall way...which has electricity to blow it up) and then quickly found it doesn't hold air, opened the windows to get a breeze (it decided to cool off and a near by rain storm provided the breeze), open the blinds to use the light from the street lamps and place a round of phase 10.

(Eli on the mattress with hardly any air left)
I was sitting on the floor next to the open window with Eli laying on the blow up mattress right next to me. A huge gust of wind came through the window and completely blew it out. It was not hinged correctly and glass went everywhere. I honestly do not know how Eli and I did not get hit with the glass. The only answer is that there are several Angels with large cuts walking around. I was pretty shocked at what happened.

David had the presence of mind to call the emergency maintenance line and we had as much help as we could get in the middle of the night with no electricity in our apartment to shed light on the situation.

We had prayed before we moved to VA that we would find a place with wonderful management as the place we left was amazing. We wanted to meet the manager and the maintenance men eventually, but because of the window and no power we quickly became friends with them. They are all wonderful! The next day the guys came and vacuumed up all the glass, installed a new window and brought a portable AC unit that they powered from the hall until the power was turned on. God took care of everything. It was a little crazy, but He is so good to us!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Eli David Bundy

Yesterday , July 3rd, was my due date and to our delight, we already were holding are beautiful baby boy, Eli. (I know I am his mommy, but I think he is the cutest baby ever.) It is amazing how one moment I was waddling because I was 39 weeks pregnant and the next waddling because my water broke at 0255 in the morning and we were walking into the hospital.

Labor was the farthest thing from a picnic (as I am sure all mothers would agree). Thanks to my incredible husband , the advice of my wonderful sister-in-law Amy to use Hypnobaby (a deep relaxation pain management technique that encourages positive thinking and attitude toward labor…pretty
amazing…you should look it up), and my labor/delivery nurse Erin, I was able to get through naturally. I could not have done it without them!

So let us introduce you to Eli David Bundy. Born June 28th, 2011 at 1332. He weighed 8 lbs. 1 oz., measured 19 inches long, and is perfect. We had to stay an extra night at the hospital related to Eli’s bilirubin being borderline. He is doing ok now, but you will be able to see in the pictures that he is YELLOW!

In honor of it being the 4th of July, we thought we would post a family picture from last Independence Day followed by one from today. Little did we know how much life would change from then to now!

My new trick: holding my pacifier.

Nap with Daddy.

Mommy's little Angel.

Spending time with Mima.

I love my Daddy!


Watermelon: $2.99

Diapers: $10.00

Bananas: $1.69

Dog Food: $6.99

Changing a diaper in the trunk of the car in the Walmart parking lot because

he completely filled it two minutes out the house door: Priceless

First bath. Like my yellow eyes?

Getting flipped like a flap-jack in the sun to help my jaundice to go away.

Walk with Buelo.

And more pictures of how cute I am.

Learning how to fold my hands and pray.