Sunday, June 19, 2011

Lots of Pictures

So much has been going on around here...trying to get things ready for our sweet little one to arrive. I have been enjoying having David home to help and just hang out. Anyway, here are a bunch of pics.

35 weeks

We splurged and bought a new camera. Since I am the only other person in the house right now, I got to be the guinea pig while David enjoyed his new gadget.
How I really feel...

36 weeks

Our church here in South Carolina threw us a baby shower. We were so blessed by our church family and had a great time!

Tongue...common theme these days

Love my face in this one

David and (his) the baby's rubber duckie

Ballons from the shower. Girl? Must have been a package deal.

CHAOS! My favorite, the dog making himself comfortable in the middle of the room. Good thing those clothes aren't clean!

Much better!

We can't really decorate the nursery here as we will be moving very soon after baby comes. So, to fulfill my need to do something for the baby, I painted.

This gift was given to us by a man that we don't really now. He lives in our apartment complex and we now call him "the Gerber Man" as he works at Gerber. David and I "met" him as we were walking back from the gym. He asked us if we were having a boy or girl and where we lived. The next day there was a knock on our door and what you see is what he gave us. So sweet and such a blessing. We ran in to him again the other day and he said he had a lot more stuff to give us. I am still in shock.

THEN, if "the Gerber Man" wasn't enough...the next day David and I were walking to our car in the Walmart parking lot when a lady ran across to us and said "Your pregnant!" (Yup, pretty sure the HUGE belly gave it away, but not sure.) We recognized her as the lady that was ahead of us in the check out line. Long story short, she and her husband had been watching the baby boy of a "friend" who initially did not want the baby. The biological mother then decided she did want the child so they were left with tons of formula they had just received from WIC. She said she would give it to us if we just followed her home (their place was right around the corner). I don't plan on using formula, but David and I thought we would go and get it since it was free, we don't know if we will have to use formula, and if nothing else, we can give it to someone else. Let me tell you, we walked out of their house with hundreds of dollars worth of stuff. This couple just started filling our arms with baby stuff. Formula, baby food, a box full of clothes, brand new walker (only to be used on the first floor), and more. They were going to post the stuff on Craig's list, but decided when they saw us that they would rather just give it to us. Can you believe it? They were even going to give us the crib and more, but we already have a crib. God has been blessing us so much! All within three days we had "the Gerber Man," a baby shower, and "the Walmart blessing."

The dog and the belly

37 weeks

Happy Father's Day!

38 weeks...can we sing "Momma Beluga!"

(Walked into Walmart tonight and the greeter asked me if I was going to make it. I think she was concerned at the size of my belly. Decided after that to make sure I had a big smile on my face the rest of the trip. I might be HUGE, but I actually feel great!)