Friday, May 27, 2011 we come!

We didn't think the day would come, but we finally found out this week where we will be stationed. It wasn't our first, second, third, or even fourth choice. However, we prayed that no matter what our preference sheet said that God would send us where He wants us to be and that He will prepare the way for us. So Virginia, prepare yourself, 'cause here we come! We are actually getting really excited (sad we won't be closer to family) and thankful that we finally know where we will be for the next almost 2 1/2 years.

David will be on the USS Enterprise. Here is a website for the ship if you would like to look at pictures (it's huge...yes, I know, it's a carrier, but still, IT'S HUGE!) or read up on it We actually have several friends that will be in the area and some even on David's ship with us (for which we are very excited) and are looking forward to getting to keep up our relationships with them. The ship itself is going to be an adventure for David. It is going to be decommissioned in the next couple years (it is the oldest nuclear powered carrier in the fleet) which will provide for some fun experiences. But, it is going to be a challenge as it is powered by 8 nuclear plants where as the other carriers only have 2 plants. David will have A LOT to learn, but if anyone can do it, David can.

As it looks right now, David will have to report at the end of July. "Baby, are you listening? You need to come on time so we have enough time to move." We aren't too worried with timing as we planned to leave the Charleston area at the end of July anyway and Virginia is a lot closer to us than San Diego, Washington, or Japan.

Speaking of birthday present from baby was the start of Braxton Hicks. Don't mind the discomfort, but there were way too many coming for my liking and thankfully they slowed down and spread themselves out before I had to go in and get checked out to see if there was more going on. (Lots of water and trying to rest.) Otherwise, my birthday was Wonderful and I felt so loved. David spoiled me rotten on all his days off since he had to work on my birthday (but he did get to come home early from work). He bought me an amazing food processor (can't wait to get the leftovers out of the fridge so I can make something with it)! Thank you! Loved all the birthday wishes from family and friends. You guys are the best and I am blessed by each and every one of you!

I think that is all for I will finish with the weekly pictures.

33 weeks

34 weeks

Thursday, May 12, 2011

I can't believe just how fast time is going by! I think I keep saying that, but seriously, it is flying by. Today I am closer to 33 weeks that 32 weeks...crazy! I haven't put up a post the last couple weeks because I was hoping that by now we would know where we will be stationed next. But, no go. David has been working so hard at school and it sounds like he will be done by the end of the month (which is about a month early - talk about fast track). It will be really nice to get to spend some time with him before the baby comes. If you think of it, right now he is taking a test, a really big test. A test that can take up to 9 hours to complete. His poor hand is going to hurt so bad when he gets home as it is a pencil and paper test. (We will let you know how it goes when we know.)
Baby and I are doing great! I am feeling really good and had a great time getting to celebrate my first Mother's Day on Sunday. David actually went to the store at 0100 in the morning after his 12 hour shift to buy me flowers and a card. They were sitting out all pretty on the counter waiting for me when I got up the next morning to take the dog out. I feel so blessed to have such an amazing man as my husband (and I know he is going to make a wonderful daddy!).
I am now going to the doctor every two weeks and so far everything has been looking good. He is sure Active! And I love it!!! Thankfully I am still able to sleep really well at night (except for when the dog wakes me up...silly dog!).
Here are some pictures from the last couple of weeks.
30 weeks - Easter Sunday
31 weeks - do you see how low he is? I am pretty sure he was laying transverse up until this week (32). But, I didn't want to turn him since it limited the bladder and diaphragm kicks. Thankfully, even though I think he has repositioned, I am still not uncomfortable.
32 weeks - I can only imagine how big I am going to be by 40 weeks!