Wednesday, April 20, 2011

So much to catch up on...

I realized it has been about 3 weeks since I have posted a blog. Can we say "slacker"? A lot has happened in the last 3 weeks...from my belly popping out (you can really see since it just so happened that my 27 week picture and 29 week picture are in the same outfit) to going back to Minnesota for 10 days to see my family.

27 weeks was a goofy week for me. Basically woke up feeling sore and with achy joints, but otherwise still feeling great. I took the week off from going to the gym (not my first choice), but could tell lots of changes were starting to happen.

I left for Minnesota on the 8th leaving behind a freezer full of ready to heat up meals and a pantry full of food for my amazing husband who was sweet enough to let me leave for 10 days. We got to do so much stuff while I was with my family (such a great time). From fixing up my Grandpa's basement (we are trying to sell it), to watching Mikahla's volleyball and softball games, to church activities, celebrating birthdays, shopping, hanging out, etc. It was a blast!

Kahla and her Junior Olympics team (JO volleyball) taking 2nd place in the tournament. Go Dragons!!!

Sunday the 10th marked 28 weeks, can't believe I am in my 3rd trimester. The 28th week brought even more changes. During the beginning of the week I got sooooo hungry! So hungry! Hot flashes like no other, laughed at everything, the belly popped out and the sweet little boy inside me figured out how to dance while kicking and hiccuping. So much fun to feel him and let my family feel and watch my stomach move. Their reactions were great!

Of course it had to snow...

The Birthday boy and girl! So much fun to be with them to celebrate how wonderful they are. I have the best mom and dad in the world! Love you guys!!!

Opening presents

Me and my amazing mom

Kahla and her JO team celebrating there 1st place win at a different tournament.

Sporting their "normal" faces...hahahaha!

Can you tell we are sisters?

The three trouble makers

And the most recent picture...29 weeks. Not the greatest picture of me, but love that if you look to the left of the picture my dad is peaking in with a huge smile on his face.

See, I told you my belly popped out. Love it!

It was a great trip and we had so much fun. Love you Minnesota, but not the weather! Glad to be back in warm South Carolina with my wonderful husband.

Friday, April 1, 2011

11th Year "Loveaversary"

Yes, today is April 1st, more commonly known as April Fools Day. But, in our family, it marks the first day that David and I started going out...that's great BIG joke! hahahaha! Our parents probably thought it was considering that I was only 14 and David 15 (no, our children will never hear our complete love story since they will not be allowed to date until they are at LEAST 34). Thought we would celebrate our day by taking a trip down memory lane (please...keep your laughs to a minimum...).

2000 - Trip up to Cotopaxi

2001 - Down in the Jungle

2002 -We look so young, oh wait, we are!

2003 - ...yes...Graduation 2004 - David's last moments of being a Civilian
2004 - No longer a the glasses

2005 - Parent's old house

2006 - Night David proposed...(sigh)

2006 (again) - At Matt and Sara's Wedding

2007 - Sailing...the day I thought I was going to die!

2007 (again) - Ring Dance at Annapolis

2008 - Wedding Time!!!

2009 - Living in Mukilteo, WA

2010 - Still in love

2011 - Charleston, SC - All three of us

I can't believe how quickly time flies, but I know one thing, I am still in love with the most amazing man in the whole world! David, you are the perfect man for me! Love you!!!