Monday, March 28, 2011

Trip to Savannah

This past weekend David had a couple days off so week took a little road trip down to enjoy beautiful Savannah. We weren't there very long, but long enough to get a couple pictures and take in some of the history.
One of the many beautiful landscapes in downtown Savannah. Love the Azaleas. So pretty
There were so many beautiful bridges. David looks pretty focused...don't know what he was thinking about or saw...
Paula Deen's Restaurant. We didn't eat there (a little spendy) but got to see it at least.
Love the old buildings
Yes, more Paula Deen (just for you Josh!)

Down at the river
Buildings down on River Street
More River Street
And River Street again. We actually drove down that beautiful old cobblestone road. It was a pretty long drive and VERY bumpy, felt like we were on a vibrating platform.
On Sunday we ended up going to a Wildlife Center. The weather was amazing and we had a blast.
The Dogwood trees are in full bloom
Board walk through the marsh
Entrance into the wildlife center...doesn't get any better than palm trees, azaleas and green everywhere.
David and his friends
Just for you mom!
These little guys were everywhere strutting their stuff
We couldn't get a good picture of his face, but this frog looked so happy. You can see half of his "smile."
Trying to smell the azaleas
26 weeks

We had a wonderful time. Thankfully we headed home just in time! The heavens broke loose, and actually was coming down harder at one point than the video shows.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I am now officially a pregnant lady...

A couple weeks ago we went out and bought a wonderful glider and ottoman. We just got it and David put it together for me. We left it in the living room for right now since our little one won't be here for another 15 weeks and we love it and want to use it NOW! So now I get to put my feet up and enjoy our little man kicking and moving while sitting in a wonderful glider...I love being pregnant (and I love my husband for letting us get the glider!)!

So comfy!

25 weeks! Still feeling really good except for occasional heart burn. They say that heart burn means our baby has hair. My mom told me "Good luck with that. I had heart burn with all three of you kids and you were all bald!" We will see...

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Belly Pictures

This past Friday our wonderful neighbor, Patty, offered to take pictures of David, me and my belly. She did a fantastic job so thought I would post some of them. (Side note: I was pushing my belly out for all I was worth, have to make the most of Patty spending hours with us taking so many pictures. I am not as huge as I look in the pictures...yet...but I am sure that day is just around the corner.) She took us to downtown Charleston and we had a blast.

Ok, so that was more than just a couple...

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Baby exciting!

There are a couple of names will be included (cough, cough, mom, cough, both of you!, cough)...who want to see the baby furniture that we bought. We don't have it all yet, the rocker and glider are still on the way, but here is the rest.

Crib (love when things go on sale). The white blanket on the corner was hand made by the mom of one of our friends.

The bedding inside (as you can see we still need a mattress) was given to us by our wonderful neighbor who is a queen at finding deals.

The 3rd pack-and-play (David won't let me forget that it is the 3rd one), because I kept finding a better deal.

We love our stroller and love even more that it too was on sale.

And, just for at 23 weeks.
More pictures to come. Yesterday our neighbor spent several many hours taking pictures of David and me and of course the belly. I haven't seen them yet myself, but will post some when I get my hands on them.