Monday, February 28, 2011

A Weekend FULL of Blessings!

We are now at 22 weeks and the belly is starting to pop out. Our little man should be right around a pound now. I am getting more and more comments about my belly and loving every minute. David is enjoying that he can really feel our little one move now and boy does he love to move, especially first thing in the morning and when we are in the car.

22 weeks...on our way to our baby shower.

We were given a baby shower this weekend thrown by one of the girls in David's class. Aimee, you did an amazing job! We were so blessed and had a great time. A lot of David's friends (they are my friends, too) came which was so much fun, especially since this is the the last weekend they will all have off at the same time (swing shifts started this week).

You can't see it very well, but David is holding up the shirt of a little Coca-Cola outfit we were given. You all know how much David LOVES Coke so he was one happy boy!

Lots of laughs

More David's bow!

Had to put this one in just for David's face

Our wonderful friends!

And more wonderful friends!
Thank you guys so much! You have all blessed us so much! We thank the Lord that He has placed each and everyone of you in our lives.

All the fun stuff we were given

One of my favorite pictures...David was a good sport and let me photograph him wearing the Moby wrap. Love you Honey! Shamu the killer whale was the "baby."
On Sunday we were able to enjoy the wonderful weather and get together with our friends one more time before the shifts start. (If you look close, most of them were at the shower the day before...but we can't get enough of them.) One of our friends submitted a pot of chili in a cook off, so we all got together to enjoy the cook off and support his wonderful chili.

The girls!

All of us, stuffed full of chili!
It was another great weekend and the blessings kept coming today. Our crib went on sale and so did a couple other big items (love saving money!!!). Not only that, but our neighbor, who is amazing at finding treasures found us a really cute crib set. What can I say, but that God is good ALL the time!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A weekend fit for a boy

This past weekend we had a long weekend since David got President's Day off. It was a blast and the weather could not have been better. I don't know if subconsciously we were celebrating that we are having a boy (David did get his smoothie...actually an iced coffee), but it truly was a weekend for the boys.
On Saturday we went to a gun show at the State Fair grounds and there was a big boy (David) that was basically drooling the whole time. Thankfully, David's good friend Tyler came with us who allowed me to hang back, walk a little slower and use the bathroom whenever needed without feeling like I was being a bad wife and abandoning him.
Then Saturday evening (sad I don't have pictures of this event) we went to Frankie's Fun Park and the boys went go carting (I most definitely watched and held 4 phones, 3 pairs of sunglasses, and 2 they wouldn't get broken...which has happened in the past). Let me tell you, put a bunch of Navy guys on go carts and send them out to the slick track...major trouble and absolutely hysterical! Let's just say, they had fun!
On Sunday after church David, Tyler and I went out to the outdoor range. It was such a beautiful day and really was a lot of fun.

Looks like fun

David and Tyler setting up the targets

Boggy Head Outdoor Range

David loving getting to play with an M-9

Sorry it isn't a very good picture (sweatshirt getting in the way) but this is the 21 week pic
Then on Monday (another beautiful day) after going to H&R Block to do our taxes (which was a major "Yea God!" Yes, I called taxes a "Yea God!") we headed down to meet Tyler at the beach at Isle of Palm. It was pretty windy and the water is still cold, but it was great to be outside and walk up and down the beach. Love it...beach in February!
So nice!

These places are huge! And love the bright green on...third one in.

David (caught a little off guard) and Tyler

It might have been a weekend for the boys, but I must admit that I too had a great time and would do it all over again!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Who gets the smoothie?

Today was our 20 week ultrasound and we are so excited and blessed that we have a very healthy and strong baby...
I had tears streaming down my face as I saw this beautiful image of a healthy baby on the screen and could feel David squeezing my hand. The ultrasound tech was amazing. She was so thorough and took her time and got us a ton (!!!) of pictures. So, I will torture you all and make you see all of the pictures of our sweet little one before revealing if the baby is a little man or a little lady and whether or not I owe David a smoothie. Since we wouldn't be able to go out and buy smoothies right after the ultrasound (David had to go back to work) we bought a bag of blue M&Ms (pretzel) and a red bag (left over from Valentine's Day). That way, David could let everyone at work know by which bag he got to eat. Just a little something fun since the smoothie has to wait until later this week.

Heart beat was nice and strong, 150 beats per min.

Little one's profile. I cannot get over that this is our baby, inside me! (Baby just kicked me to remind me. Found out my placenta is posterior which is why I was able to feel flutters so early on.) I know I am an OB nurse, but God is so good!

Close up!

Sweet little feet!

We have two arms and two legs. Don't have the pictures here, but the heart, stomach, kidneys, bladder, lips, etc. all looked good!

Our tech was such a sweetheart and held the probe still on my stomach so we could see baby kicking and moving and picking his/her nose.

Another pic...look at that spine!
And now...who gets the smoothie?

David, most definitely! I don't think it could be any clearer. (Don't worry, little man...this is the only time we will every post such an embarrassing picture of you! hahaha)

Monday, February 14, 2011

A big week in our family!

Yesterday marked 20 weeks for us, which means...this week we get to find out (if baby lets us) if we are having a boy or a girl. Our ultrasound is Wednesday morning and we are excited. The other day David told me, "I bet you a smoothie that we are going to have a boy." I responded, "You must really want a boy." His response, "No, I just really want a smoothie!" In other words, we will be so happy with either a boy or a girl. We are just praying that baby is healthy and strong.
David got to feel the baby move last week (he loved that!) and the moving has not stopped since. I am starting to really get a belly, but the pictures just don't show it. Why do I feel huge (!!!!!) and then see a picture of myself and wonder where it went? Honestly!
We will let you all know if we are having a boy or a girl as soon as we excited!!!

20 weeks

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

From "Raspberry" to "Mango"

For those of you who know how much I love fruit (especially mangos) you can only imagine how excited I was when we read that our sweet little one is the size of a Mango this week! The best part, I was eating ice cream with fresh cut mango on it while David read our weekly baby update. Love it!
I have not started wearing maternity pants yet, but my regular pants are getting a little snug. Tried on a couple pairs of maternity pants last weekend and they are still too big. However, the belly band is Amazing! In my one time pregnancy expert opinion it is a must! Really though, it is so comfy.
I am now 19 weeks (don't know why I picked the odd numbered weeks to post pictures) and feeling great. Actually went to the gym today and had so much energy (don't worry...I didn't let my Type A get the best of me...I was good and took it slow).

I am starting to feel baby move more and more. Honestly, still takes me by surprise. So much fun!

Here are the pictures of my belly.

18 weeks - Picture taken after a wonderful walk down at a National Park by Edisto Beach with friends (for those of you in snowy was in the 70s that day).

19 weeks (another beautiful day in South Carolina)

You guys are so lucky, you get a side view and a front view...hahaha!