Sunday, January 23, 2011

Baby Update - 17 weeks

Time just seems to be flying by. It seems like just 2 days ago we found out we were pregnant, that yesterday we had our 8 week appointment and ultrasound, and now we are at 17 weeks. How did that happen? Very carefully I guess.
Last Tuesday, the 18th, I went and saw the doctor, check-up time and all looks and sounds good. I just love getting to hear that little heart beat. David did not get to come with me (he was at work, which is going well, but really long hours), but will get to come to the next one. The next appointment on February 16th is the big one. We will have our anatomical ultrasound and hopefully our baby will not be modest and we will get to find out if we are having a little man or a little lady.
If you look at the palm of your hand that is about the size of our little one. We are still amazed that God has given us this precious gift. The book (I love how much information we have on the growth and development of our babies these days) says baby is practicing sucking and swallowing and that baby is starting to put on some body fat. Talking about body changes, I thought I would post a couple pictures so all of you across the world can stare at my stomach.

16 weeks...can you see anything because I can sure feel it! Although I mainly feel like I look like I had one to many hamburgers, smoothies, brownies, etc. verses pregnant.

17 belly seems to come and go, but the book assures me that "if you haven't done so already, you'll probably begin to outgrow your regular clothes" around this coming week. Baby seems to hide in the morning and after some good meals and going to the bathroom 102 times can be seen more in the evening. At night time David will look at my belly then rubs it and says "hi baby." (He is pretty attached! But, I am glad that he is.)

There's a close up just for all of you that really want to stare at my stomach.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Winter ICY Wonderland

I know that many of you that may read this post are in areas that are covered with snow and very used to the nasty occasional ice. However, here in South Carolina, even just a little ice rain will create a crazy environment involving the state patrol asking those that do not need to drive to stay home, school delays and closures, etc. Thankfully David left before the ice rain fell and hopefully the weather will be ok for his drive home.

I think a lot of the ice has melted off...but still there.

Yup...still there!

The poor little plants are all in shock.