Thursday, December 30, 2010

Graduation Pics

I am just getting to posting David's grad pictures (yes...very late). We were up in Canada for Christmas and had a fantastic time with David's side of the family. I planned on posting the pictures while we were there, but were unable to connect our computer to the Internet, so you get to see them now. Hopefully we will have a couple Christmas pictures coming, but you will have to wait a little for those yet.

David graduated from Nuclear Power School here in Charleston, SC on the 17th of December. It was a wonderful celebration because it represented the end of a lot of hard work, many long hours, lots of studying, and above all that he PASSED!!! Congratulations David! I am so proud of you, we all are!!!
Before graduation started. David hanging out with two of his friends, Ben (the really tall one) and Tyler.
Also before grad started, the students had to stand in the class sections in parade formation. AKA...Kristi gets to run back and forth in front of them, saying as many silly things as she likes and making fun of them all and they can't talk back, laugh, move, or anything...just have to stand there and take it (I had several people trying their hardest not to bust out much fun).


David getting his completion certificate from Admiral Craft. He should have been looking at me (the one holding the camera), but they were too busy talking.

I had to leave grad before it was done (take someone to the airport), but we were able to get a couple pictures once we got back to our place. One Happy Boy!

David, I am so proud of you!