Monday, November 29, 2010

Crazy Week...Baby, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Birthday!

When I started this blog about 2 years ago I started it because I was the only sister-in-law without a blog and am pretty sure that I made it clear in my first entry that we weren't pregnant (as it seemed most blogs started when the babies were coming). I can finally write my first blog about our baby and I am sooooo excited!!!

Last week was our first ultrasound. They kept my due date the same, July 3rd. Because I was 8 weeks at the ultrasound the tech put the external prob on my first and you could immediately see baby and the heart beat. I know I know...I have heard a hundred heart beats, but to hear our baby's heart beat (yes, only one baby) was emotional for both David and I.
These images aren't as clear as the computer screen was. From what we could tell, the head is on the right, the little arm stubs in the middle and the little leg stubs on the left. Heart beat was so clear on the ultrasound.

Good strong heart beat of 182. Loved getting to see our little raspberry! (Now bigger...)
We left on Wednesday (the day after our ultrasound) to Minnesota to see my side of the family for Thanksgiving. We packed in the fun, let me tell you! Thankfully we were able to get an earlier flight out on Wednesday and had a couple more hours to spend with family and were able to get home before the weather got to bad. Thursday was our Thanksgiving celebration with my Grandparents (both sides) and of course my mom and dad and siblings.
David and I with Grandpa Roy (my mom's dad) at our Thanksgiving meal.

Friday was our Christmas celebration, complete with Christmas breakfast, presents, Christmas meal, and going out to Turck's Farm and cutting down a Christmas tree. First time we have actually gone out to the field and cut down a tree and we had a blast.

Sporting the warm clothes that sit in a closet in South Carolina.

Kahla being Kahla...Love you girl!

Can you tell we are related?

Go Daddy Go! We got a beautiful tree!

Tree hugger...literally!


Bringing the tree inside.

Yes I am holding here rear end...what can I say...I am a good big sister and there was no way I was letting her fall down on me. I am mean seriously, I would have been squished...jk.

There she be.

Of course we had to take pictures because it was Christmas time.
Love my mom and dad!
Us kids with my dad's parents. Pretend faces...
The real us!

He was sitting on me and yes I was dying.

They were making fun of the belly...
Then on Saturday we celebrated David's 26th Birthday!!! Can you believe it...he is soooo old!!! Love you David! You have been and are such a blessing to my life. I couldn't ask for a better man for me. You really are the perfect man for me! Happy first Birthday as a Daddy!
Texas Sheet Cake...ummmm!

We had such a fun time back in Minnesota. There is no place like Litchfield, MN. We packed in so much fun, but still felt like we had time to rest and just be together as a family. Like always, wish we could have stayed longer, but are thankful for the time we had.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Cypress Gardens

Last Saturday Kristi and I went to a local swamp park type of thing where they have a butterfly house, a swamparium with lots of cool swamp animals, and a swamp where you can take flat bottomed boats out and see the area either with or without a guide. We thought we'd put up a few of our pictures from our time there.
Here is one of the many butterflies we saw.
Chow down, chunky.
When we first walked in to the swamparium Kristi thought the size of the turtle was completely fake. When we looked into the tank next to it though....
...we realized it wasn't...
They call him Frankenturtle.
A couple of the locals...
Me and the "locals"
Me getting a little too close with the locals...
The swamp from the boat. We didn't take a guide which was cool, because it was quiet and we could hear the birds and animals. These are Cypress trees all through the swamp.
More trees. The water all through here was black from an acid created from all the decomposed leaves and plant life.
One of the bridges we had to paddle under. It was pretty cool.

This guy was the only wild one we saw but he was pretty cool. Just chillin' in the sun, catching some rays.