Monday, October 25, 2010

Craft Time

We have a fall festival at church and for some cute fun decorations I made a bunch of little creatures out of pipe cleaners and pom poms. So much fun to do and really easy!

This are pumpkins, I have had a couple people look at me with the "what is that?" look.

Fall Leaves

Pom poms from Walmart - really cheap, too.



Marshmallow Toss.

Fun easy to make game. Velcro the cups onto the cardboard and toss you old stale marshmallows into the cups to earn a prize (just don't eat the old marshmallows).

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Weekend Fun

Saturday night we went to Disney on Ice: Princess Wishes with some friends of ours from Power School, the Schambachs. They were taking their two kids Andrew and Emma and they asked if we wanted to come with them. Turns out, Kristi is still eight years old too! :) We had a blast and thought we'd put some pictures up for you guys to enjoy too.

Michael and Gianina Schambach, and their kids Andrew and Emma.

Kristi and I had a lot of fun too!

Mickey and Minnie with Cinderella in the background.

All the Princes and Princesses with Tinkerbell in the carriage.
(She's so lazy, flying isn't easy enough!)
Flounder and some fish singing "Under the Sea"

Cinderella arrives at the ball...

"Be Our Guest"

The Seven Dwarves singing and dancing around.

Sailors doing tricks. The guy on the teeter-totter gets thrown in the air, does a
back flip and lands sitting on the chair in the air...better him than me.

After the show, we went home via Chik-fil-a for dinner and put out the blow-up mattress in the living room and fell asleep watching college football. Good times. Navy slaughtered Notre Dame this year, by the way.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Camp 60

Playing a little catch-up from our last weekend. David and I went on a camping trip to the Smokey Mountains with 11 others…all Navy. Let me tell you…it was an experience…amazing…but an experience.

We left after school on Friday heading out in a caravan of one truck with 4 guys, our car with 3 of us and 2 motorcycles. All together, 9 of us headed out together. 2 other vehicles each containing a couple were to meet us at the parking lot or camp site.

You would think that the adventure would start once at the camp, but no…boy were we wrong.

During the drive one of the motorcycles went up ahead and witnessed a car spin out on the freeway causing an RV to run off the road into the median (thankfully no accident there) but we think that it caused a reaction on the other side of the road because two cars going on that side went into the median. The guy on the motorcycles slowed down in the median to regroup and the rest of us pulled in behind him. David and I jumped out of the car and made sure the ladies in the cars were ok (they were, just shook up) and called 911. Then we were on the road again…at least for a another 40 miles. The same motorcycle guy (who I might add does have an itchy throttle hand and likes to speed ahead, drop back, and then speed ahead again) dropped back but didn’t come back. At the next gas station we found out through phone calls that his tire had blown. We think he had a slow puncture from something in the grass when he pulled over the first time. Thankfully one of the couples in the vehicle not with us was far enough behind our caravan that they were able to pick him up at the motorcycle shop (the shop he left his bike at was open when his tire blew but was going to be closed by the time he got to the shop to drop it off. The person from the shop that he talked to told him to park his bike behind the shop, hide it with some of the boxes and the garbage bins and to toss his keys over the electric fence…lovely!!!). Then just a little farther down the way the second motorcyclist was too sleepy to continue riding. We ended up leaving his bike at a random hotel (I was smart enough to mark the location in our gps) and he rode with us the rest of the way. We didn't do very good with the whole motorcycle thing. hahah!

So we finally get to the national park, our caravan now totaling 8 and we meet up with one of the couples. 8+2=10 of us. It is 2230 (1030pm), pitch black, and we really don’t know where our campsite is, but know that we are looking for camp 60. (Ha! If I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes the next day…I don’t know if I would have believed that it existed.) Packs on (mine was about 50 lbs, David’s about 65 lbs) we set out on a very.long.hike. About 0000-0030 (1200-1230am) David and the guy in charge of planning this wonderful camping event, Jeff, are leading and I am following shinning my flashlight at their feet to illuminate each step as they shine theirs ahead to look for the camp site and bears. We have been hiking most of this time, with only a couple minute breaks. We come to a horribly steep slope (45 -50 degrees) …still with our packs on hoping that at the top we will have finally found our campsite. At the top I see the ground level out thinking that we have made it when I hear David and Jeff look at each other and say something along the lines of “seriously.” It was at the moment that I realized we were not at our campsite, but a cemetery. Hysterical!!! You should have heard everyone talking about how we were going to be haunted and all that. We would have set camp up there, but there wasn’t enough room. Here are some pics…one of the guys still needs to send me his set of pics, but I was able to get a couple to show you. Pics complements of Tyler…Thank you Tyler!

Posing by the graves

Another pose...

We finally decide around 0130 to go back to the cars…only because our hiking around landed up back at a sign that said “0.4 miles to parking lot.” YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING!!! (We found out the following day that not only was the map we had not the greatest, but where we thought we started on the map was incorrect.) There was a camp site near the parking lot that you had to pay for, but since by this time it was already Saturday and most of the night was already over we only had to pay for one night so were able to stay at our campsite until Sunday at noon. The “original” plan was that half of our group would stay at camp 60 the other half at camp 57 (which ended up being another 3-4 mile hike after the infamous camp 60…never would have made it Friday night). The campsites we paid for were camp 57 and 59…close enough, right?

We had a great time, so many laughs, lots of frustration, but a great time. Sad, but funny thing is the motorcyclist and the couple that picked him up who got to the park after us actually found the camp 60. We were not able to communicate with them until the next day…but met up with them on Saturday and helped them move camp to where the rest of us were. David and I were and still are praising the Lord for his provision and safety. God is good! By the time we got home on Sunday, we wanted to go back out and do it all again! Maybe over another long weekend.


Jorge fish for supper
Fork in the road that led to hours of aimless time...take the other path
Where we ended up staying, camp 57 and 59

Our new tent is the one behind the red one. The teeny tiny orange tent was what one of the guys thought was a two man tent...two man "jr" tent. That is what happens when you run into Walmart and grab the first tent you see.

Camp actually exists.

My crochet, my trail mix, and a place to couldn't get any better!

The rest of the pics are a little glimpse at how beautiful the area was. It was a treat waking up on Saturday and actually seeing where we had been. hahaha!

P.S. Just a little taste of how crazy Navy boys can be. At camp 60 there was a pulley system for hanging your packs and food to keep them away from the bears. These guys thought it would be fun to lift the guy in the gray up...anybody have a belt he can use?