Monday, August 16, 2010

A Great Couple Weekends!

This past weekend was one full of fun and events. Friday night David and I were invited out to Isle of Palms to see Jon and Lesley and there beautiful kids, Karis, Thomas, Lincoln, and Asher. It was a joy to meet them and a bunch of Lesley's family. We didn't get to experience their crab walk after sundown due to a lightning storm. But, we had a wonderful time talking, laughing, and watching the spectacular lightning show (seriously, the lightning bolts would start on one side of the sky and creep all the way across to the other...I have never seen such huge and amazing lightning...and some of the thunder claps that followed...). Sadly we didn't get any pictures, however, we had a blast.
Saturday night was a night out with friends down on Daniel Island to see the Charleston Battery (local soccer team) play their last game of the season. After filling our bellies with Greek food we headed over to the stadium to stand under the bleachers out of the rain until the game started, then sat in the rain for the first half of the game. The pictures below aren't the greatest as I quickly pulled out the camera, took a couple pics and put it away before the camera got too wet. I love the rain here are wet to the bone and it is still warm outside. LOVE IT!!!
Wet clothes, kettle corn, wet rear ends, many laughs, wet purse, 3-0 win, humid wet-down hair, fireworks, and still had a wet purse on Sunday morning despite dumping everything out was such a fun night that we might do it again for the playoff Championship game which will also be played here in Charleston.

Soooo WET!

Really wet!

Bert and Lisa (friends from church)
This weekend we spent our time with friends going go carting (let me just say that a bunch of Navy Officers on go carts = a bunch of 13 year old boys that are having way too much fun) on Friday night and out at the shooting range on Saturday. No pictures for those moments either, but very fun!