Friday, May 28, 2010

Transition Once Again

Well this will be short but will hopefully keep you all updated on our frantic flights and movements across the country. I am currently sitting in the airport in Providence, Rhode Island, waiting for my flight since stand-by fell through. I will arrive in Seattle at about 11:15 tonight if I'm on time. Kristi is already in Everett waiting for me and Mom and Dad arrive this afternoon too. We will spend the rest of the weekend there in Seattle and then on Tuesday we will go to my ship for me to get my SWO (Surface Warfare Officer) Pin, have my promotion ceremony deal and finish my transfer paperwork. Mom and Dad are going to drive Kristi and I to the airport on their way to Portland. We will fly to Charleston, South Carolina that night and arrive shortly before midnight. The next morning I go in to work to report to school. As you can tell we like to keep things hectic and stressful. That being said, it will be great to have Mom and Dad with us again. Once we get settled in, feel free to vacation in Charleston for a visit!!