Saturday, February 20, 2010

Watch where you fall asleep!

This is why I don't fall asleep when Kahla is still awake. Good thing my dad is a good sport!

Kids Against Hunger

Today Kahla and I went into the cities with several many people from our church to pack food for "Kids Against Hunger." It was an absolute blast. We packed 25, 056 meals if I am not mistaken. It is a meal that consists of chicken broth, dehydrated vegetables, soy, and rice. It is actually pretty incredible and even better...some of the food that we packed today will go to Haiti! We were there for just two hours and it was unbelievable how much we got done and how much fun we had in the process.
On our way out the door (pre-hairnet).
Kahla with some of the other girls. You can see the ingredients that we used.

Tons and tons of boxes all ready to go.
We look pretty hot if I do say so myself.

Friday, February 19, 2010

SNOW again!

I know that this winter I have basically only had pictures of snow. Probably because we have had more snow this year that my mom and dad can remember ever least in a really long time. (I don't have the greatest camera...but I tried to capture a little glimpse of how absolutely beautiful it is here!)

There are days that are all white. Ground, trees, sky and in everything in between.
( Can you see anything? Don't worry...we couldn't either!)

Days you have to worry about where you stand...
( My dad told my mom to stand right under the pile of snow you see hanging off the roof...he then said he was going to honk the horn. Thankfully my mom knows better. )

...and where you step.
(Yes, he is up to his knees.)

The nastiness surrounds you everywhere you go, even follows you home and creates a lot of work.
(Look through the nasty wet gross garage to the back door. It sounds like a mini avalanche every time he cleans the roof.)

But, some mornings we wake up and the trees are so full the sag (don't look at that ugly stick want to be bush on the left side. It wouldn't move for my picture.)

Sometime we have the most beautiful frost that you can think of. A real winter wonderland.

Other mornings the robins, yes, robins are in full force.
(I think they are trying to put their heads together and figure out how in the world they are going to get through 4 feet of snow to get to the worms. Wishing for spring as much as we are.)

It is one of the most beautiful places and I just love being here at home and enjoying the view.