Monday, August 3, 2009

I don’t have any pictures, but I thought I would write a little something to let you all know what has been going on in our part of the world. For those of you who have been watching the news you may have noticed that there has been a heat wave hitting the beautiful Northwest. It has been FANTASTIC! Can I just tell everyone how much I adore the heat? I love it! Watching the news has almost been like watching a comedy every day. All of the moaning and groaning over the heat as well as the suspense of wondering if we are going to set a record for the highest temperatures. It has been fantastic!

Last week we had the honor of having Carolyn Wolfram (a dear friend from Ecuador) come and spend the night at our apartment as she traveled down the coast. Then, to our delight, we were able to see her again along with Teri and Keith Newburn (more friends from Ecuador) on Wednesday. It was a joy to see them all and remember all of the wonderful memories from when David and I were in high school, but, also to hear how things are now. I can’t believe that it has been over 6 years since we left the Alliance Academy (no longer called that by the way).
Just a side note, it was so much fun to see them, and even more fun because of the place they picked to meet. David and I had to drive south from where we are to meet them and that means that the temperature gets warmer and warmer. It was 110 when we arrived. Can it get any better?

After we said our goodbyes David and I drove back up to our place quickly changed and turned around and headed back into Seattle. (A little bit of a time crunch, slightly crazy, but well worth it.) We headed into downtown Seattle to attend a Navy Dinner and there were a lot of important people there. I mean a lot of important people, almost the whole chain of command (which was really fun for David). Everyone was all dressed up in their summer whites as we gathered on the 76th floor of the Columbia Tower Club where we were welcomed and quickly told that the club is home to Oprah’s favorite bathroom. (This is where I should have a picture.) Forget the formalities, that bathroom was amazing. J For those of you that don’t care to know about a bathroom, go ahead and skip down a couple lines. But, for the rest of you that are interested in Oprah’s favorite bathroom…read on.

So you approach the door of the ladies room where you find the sign “Ladies” followed by a (forgive me I can’t remember the exact words) a statement basically telling the gentlemen that despite their curiosity they need to stay out. You walk in and there is a window from floor to ceiling looking out over the city, very nice view, and the lay out was welcoming. I could see why she would like it, but it wasn’t until I entered the stall that I discovered why it was her favorite. There was your own personal throne with a spectacular view of the city which would include Mt. Rainier on a clear day complete with sink, mirror, and the thickest softest paper towels you have ever felt. You feel like a queen. Later that evening the Captain’s wife and I were telling the Executive Officer’s wife that she just had to go see the bathroom. She returned a couple minutes with the comment, “The bathroom was nice, but I was more impressed with how many guys were in there than anything else.” I guess our US Naval Officers can’t read.

Anyway, besides our activities last week we have been enjoying just getting to spend time together. Time seems to be flying by. Before we know it we are going to be packing up. There are moments when I look at David and my eyes just fill up with tears knowing that he is going to be gone before I am ready. But, if I have learned one thing during our time here in Washington it is that God is Faithful. He does know the desires of our hearts and He is very good at blessing, encouraging, protecting, and taking care of every anxiety. If you think of us, keep praying for us. We can feel all of your prayers and appreciate them so much.