Tuesday, July 21, 2009

This past weekend we finally got down to Camas. And I mean finally. We were able to see David’s Grandma Bundy as well as his aunt and uncle. We had an absolute blast! You should have seen Dusty and Tanner (our dogs). I think that Dusty is about 100 times bigger than Tanner, but they were fun to watch. Tanner wasn't so sure about Dusty until we were all out picking blueberries. I guess food even brings dogs togethere. lol. Sorry I didn't get a picture of the two of them. Thank you guys for letting us hang out and for having us! Love you all!

Snuggle up for the picture. I know I have long arms, but they aren't that long.
Grandma and David

Grandma trying to catch the blueberry that Uncle Duane was throwing at her. Sorry the camera isn't still, I was laughing too hard.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

4th of July Weekend

Our 4th of July weekend was pretty kick back, but also very fun. David was given a couple extra days off so we started our celebration on the 2nd by going to the beach. We went and had a picnic down at Picnic Pointe by our apartment. On the 3rd we saw Deception pass and drove around beautiful Washington. I don't have any pictures from the BBQ, but some wonderful friends had us over on the 4th. Then we ended up watching fireworks down by the Edmonds Ferry.

The beach is so beautiful here but the water is sooooo cold. My goodness, but put my feet in and had an instant foot headache. David tried to take Tanner down to the water, but when they got within 15 feet of it he dug his feet into the rocks and wouldn't move except to come back and sit by us and beg for food.

Yes, Tanner is sitting on my backpack. I tried to get him to go inside so he would stop barking at the people around us, but it didn't work.
Deception Pass was also beautiful. The current going through is pretty amazing. We stood by the railing and watch as two kayaks basically sat in the middle of the current getting a wonderful upper arm workout.
A nice man said he would take our picture for us. So at least I have one picture that doesn't involve me holding out my arm and saying cheese.

I must say Edmonds has wonderful fireworks. We sat out on the field for a long time waiting for them to start. But, once they started we decided it was worth the wait.
(David' favorite were the ones that make you jump because they are so loud and and have the flash is so brightly that you have to blink a couple times before you can see again.)

A couple days late, but Happy (Late) 4th of July. What a blessing it is for us to live in a country that gives us freedom. I get teary when I see our flag blowing in the wind and the even more so when I look over and see David who is now a part of keeping that freedom for us. Man I married a great guy!
(Now we just need to pray that the people in this country realize the Spiritual Freedom that is just waiting for them to have.)

Thursday, July 2, 2009

More School Friends

Here is a picture of some of my wonderful friends from College Place Elementary. It was such a joy to work with everyone there. I love CPE!!! Thank you for all of the good memories. And, Char, thank you for being the first person in my life to call me "BUNDY!" I was so excited when on the first day of work I became Bundy. I called David by his last name, Bundy, until I finally figured out what his first name was (it was at least 6 months). We had only been married for a couple of months when I started working at CPE so it was very fun to finally be a BUNDY! I still get a smile on my face when I think of sitting in my little office working when all of the sudden there was a "BUNDY, get out here!" LOVE IT! I will miss you guys like crazy. Don't miss me too much, and feel free to call when ever you need anything. Love you guys and God Bless!