Thursday, June 25, 2009

Our Future Father's Day Celebration

We spent all of Sunday celebrating David. I know that he isn’t a father yet, but he is an incredible husband and I wanted him to feel loved. He got back Sunday from a long night of standing watch so I let him rest and made him a big breakfast (scrambled eggs with the works and Pierogi with maple syrup – it is actually really good). We then headed out the door to the Edmonds Art Festival. There are so many fun things going on in our surrounding areas right now that we are trying to get to a few (especially when they are free). The Festival was so much fun with every craft from paintings, to ceramics, to blown glass. We didn’t get anything, but enjoyed the sun and just looking. I took a picture but all you can see are the white tarps. If you look closely you can see how close the water is. It just makes it all the more fun.

The next stop was at Pike Place Market. Of course to get there you have to pass one of my favorite sights in Seattle, the Space Needle. It is just so cool. I love going by it, I really don’t know why, but it sure intrigues me. I have driven by it so many times but every time I have to remind myself to focus on the road.

So we headed down to Pike Place Market because there is a Latino Market and it has gourds. David’s gourd for his mate cracked so it was a good excuse to go. We walked in and were like two little kids in a candy store. All of the good food!!! We kept pointing and drooling. Not really, but close. We bought the gourd and as you can see a couple other things. I think we bought food from at least four different countries. SOOOO GOOD!

We also ended up stopping at the Original Starbucks and getting a little cup and saucer. There weren’t many mugs to pick from, but we like what we bought. Our day ended by the Mukilteo Ferry at a Restaurant called Arnie’s. The Nurses I worked with this past year were so sweet and gave us a gift card to eat there. We had a beautiful view as you can see and really enjoyed our time. (Thank you ladies!) It is so relaxing down there with the light house, the water, the ferry, the train …I just love it.

So that was our day. Thank you David for being the perfect man for me. I LOVE YOU!!! (I know, the typical Kristi holds out her arm and smile picture. Some day we will get a tripod.)

Saturday, June 20, 2009

I is about time

So, I have fallen under the pressure. All of the Bundy girls have a blog, but me, so I caved. However, before I go any further I need to make a clarification. I have noticed that the blogs in the Bundy family seem to start at around the same time a baby is on the way...not yet. But, hopefully it will serve to keep everyone in the loop especially with all of the changes that David and I are going to have in the next couple of months.
Salty and Sweet...why the name choice? They say that a person who has been in the Navy for a lot time is salty. In other words, David is getting salty. And of course, I am the sweet one. At least David lets me think that I am (maybe it is just my continuous craving for milk chocolate anything).
The first major change of the summer has begun. School is out. We survived the make-up snow days and are now free. David and I had a busy day yesterday driving from end of school party to end of school party. We actually started out at the Naval Base with a picnic and ended our day down in Seattle at the home of a staff member from one of my schools. What a blast to see so many friends in one day, but emotional having to say so many good-byes as well.
It has been a joy working in the Edmonds School District this past year. I keep remembering how last summer at the Matheson family reunion our family specifically prayed for David and I that God would give me a school nursing position and a car. He is faithful and blessed me with both within two weeks of the prayer. I could see God's hand at work over and over this past year and am thankful for the opportunities he gave me. So, here are a couple pictures of the wonderful staff I worked with. More will be coming, hopefully (I am missing one school) but here is a start.

Martha Lake Elementary (Dr. Seuss' B-day) Terrace Park School

To my schools: Thank you for putting up with me. You guys are the best!!!